Rangers sign Moreland

The Rangers have avoided an arbitration case by signing Mitch Moreland to a one-year deal worth 2.65 million. All their arbitration cases have been settled.


One man’s opinion … Moreland will be a key piece this year; good to avoid arbitration.

Agreed, you just never know about guys like Moreland, the guy is strong as a ox, has all the tools ( at the plate) that you need to be successful, has a good approach, he’s entering into what should be his prime years. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be a big part of a very good team, I really think lofty expectations from the fan base have hurt how Mitch is viewed around here. David Murphy never had a lit of pressure to perform si anything we got from him was considered a bonus of sorts, Moreland meanwhile will always be unfairly compared to Crash Davis, Prince Fielder, Adrian Gonzalez and Mark Texiera. Definitely happy to see things worked out to avoid arbitration. And I hope he finally has that Breakout season that I believe is in him.

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