A story about Jim Fregosi

Rando Galloway is officially retired from the Star-Telegram and probably isn’t going to tell this story in public about Jim Fregosi. So I will.

On July 11, 1973, the Rangers purchased Fregosi from the Mets. He was in the twilighht of a great career.
In Fregosi’s first game with the Rangers, he apparently let a ground ball get through him for an error.

Galloway, acerbic as ever, wrote something like: “Jim Fregosi showed up yesterday with the Rangers and let a routine ground ball get through him for an eror. If Fregosi can’t field a routine ground ball, he is not going to be around here much longer.”

The next day Galloway showed up at Arlington Stadium and Fregosi yelled: “Which one of you is Galloway.”

Galloway fessed up. Fregosi looked at him and said something like:

“Kid, One thing you need to understand. No ground ball hit to me is routine.”

Galloway and Fregosi ended up being great friends. Who didn’t.

One thing you should understand when you are reading about the passing of Fregosi and his accomplishments as a manager and a scout…

He was an outstanding shortstop. From 1963-70, he may have been the best shortstop in the American League. He didn’t have the same long career but at his peak, Jim Fregosi was as good as Derek Jeter.

Yes he was really that good. And a better person.


I don’t know why you decided to use a tribute to Mr. Fregosi as an opportunity to take a cheap shot at Derek Jeter, but it struck me as being unbecoming for a man of your talent. I really thought better of you than this sort of crap.

To say Jim Fregosi was as good as Derek Jeter…a cheap shot? Huh? Jim Fregosi was a great shortstop. Jeter was a great shortstop. They are very comparable other than one played in a hitter’s era and the other in a pitcher’s era. If you check out their WAR, offensively and defensively, Fregosi stands up well to Jeter. There was no cheap shot Phil

“And a better person”, are the words that prompted my response, T.R. Now that I’ve read it again, I’m sure you must have meant, better person than shortstop. My first reading interpreted that as a better person than Jeter. I apologize for misunderstanding. (Clearly I need to get on my computer before 11pm.)

Very good article T.R, Not sure what Phil saw in your article but that was a Great comparison between Fregosi and Jeter. Will be at the B.W. on the 19th of March with a small group of around 12, cya then!!

I always enjoy personal insights such as these.

@Phil, I took the comparison as an attempt to put Fregosi’s talent into context.

@T.R., don’t know how you do it brother.

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