Rangers to announce naming rights to Ballpark

The Rangers are holding a press conference today to announce the naming rights to the Ballpark in Arlington. The Rangers set out a media advisory at 11:36 p.m. last night for the press conference. No word yet what they are going to call it.


City and People of Arlington built the ballpark, and had a naming contest. It was decided to name the ballpark; ‘the ballpark in Arlington’ Then for monetary reasons, the rangers renamed it… all for money…Now they probably have someone else offering to pay money to have their name or company name on the ballpark.
I hope the fans boycott the Rangers this year, and hit the owners in their wallets.

There was no naming contest.
Tom Schieffer named the ballpark.
It was not very popular at all in the beginning.
But as people “Got it”, the name became revered.
Yes, I love TBiA myself, but today’s reality is that economics rules.
I’m good with it.

Less than a thousand bucks a day, you might want to check your math

you are mistaken. The was a contest. Names were submitted, then voted on.

You are correct, I guess I was thinking $10.000 per day. But I still don’t care for it. When you start looking at it $30 – $50 over 10 years is nothing to sneeze at. However I believe this is the type thing that hurts your credibility with the fan base and within the industry, when Nolan Ryan came on board he brought instant credibility, it certainly hasn’t taken long for the current regime to start chipping away at that credibility

Man Are they that desperate for cash ? Their whoring the ballpark name for an estimated 3 million per year. That’s less than a thousand bucks per day, Can anyone here imagine the Yankees changing the name of their ballbark to Acne finance Co field ? This is what keeps a franchise in the second tier of franchises.

BTW, if anyone here wants to hire me for 3 million per year, I can be reached here on the message board, please leave contact info, LOL

This is a non issue. Everybody calls it “The Ballpark” no matter who sponsors it.

I agree with Shed. Non issue. I call it The Ballpark in Arlington and always have…and always will. But, I don’t have a problem with Globe Life giving our boys money that will help keep us competitive in the next 10 years. It’s win win as far as I’m concerned. Without knowing for sure, I’m with a stephens. I believe that Tom Shieffer did name it and I remember being disappointed at first. But, I got it after my first experience there.

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