Another Absent Friend: Bob Hood

Bob Hood

Bob Hood

Bob Hood was an outdoor writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram but at one point the newspaper sent him out to Arlington Stadium one summer to do a baseball story.
This was back when the newspaper had a lot more space and most of it during the summer was devoted to baseball. So they sent Hood out to the Stadium to do some kind of feature story even though he did not cover baseball.
The Kansas City Royals were in town, including Amos Otis. He was their All-Star center fielder but was not known to be friendly to sports writers. In fact he had a reputation for being antagonistic.
Anyway Hood asked Jim Reeves and Paul Hagen what kind of sidebar they thought he should do. Revo, more of a joke than anything, suggested Hood go do a story on Otis. Hood said fine and headed down to the Royals clubhouse.
An hour later, he returned to the press box. Revo asked him how the interview went, expecting Hood had another horror story to the Otis files.
“It was good,” Hood said. “He was really cooperative. He’s a nice guy.”
Otis probably instinctively knew what the rest of us did. There was no finer person working at the Star-Telegram during my 20 years there than Bob Hood, our widely-respected outdoors writer.
No, I do not hunt or fish. But I spent a lot of time in the office with him during my years covering high school sports. He had to deal with outdoor wildlife, I had to deal with Robert Hughes and Merlin Priddy. I also had to take countless phone calls people calling just to talk to Bob and seeking his advice.
“Can I take a message?”
“No, I’m just calling to see where the fish are biting this weekend.”
You didn’t have to carry a fishing pole to love the story Bob once wrote about his canoe trip through West Texas on the Brazos River. It was a classic. So was he.
Bob was awesome. He passed away Thursday.


Never read anything by Bob Hood. I’m not a hunter or fisherman. But you make him sound like the kind of guy I wish I’d known. Thanks for sharing. Sorry for your loss.

When the time comes I hope I am deserving of such a lovely tribute.

TR…interesting you mention High School sports on a day when I’m thinking about high school sports and journalism. In Today’s Herald Democrat…don’t you just remember?…the sports editor throws the former head football coach under the bus. Might be worth a read.

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