My Hall of Fame ballot

When you have a Hall of Fame ballot, you have a responsibility to reveal it publicly. Everybody has their opinions and those that don’t have a ballot are quick to be highly critical of those that do. But if you can’t handle public scrutiny, don’t vote

This would be a tough vote if it were one and done. It is not. So there are some guys left off who I will vote for in the future but didn’t feel an overwhelming need to do so right now. There are more than ten guys who deserve enshrinement.

As I have said before, I decline the honor of judging players on the basis of possible PED use. I just don’t feel qualifying to judge on that basis. But as in the case of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, it’s hard to keep voting for guys who are not going to get in and overlook guys who have a legitimate chance.

Once again I voted for Rafael Palmeiro. That is getting harder to do but I suspect this may be the last year anybody gets to vote for him.

In alpha order

1. Jeff Bagwell – I have one spot on the ballot for him or Frank Thomas. They are very close. I went with Bagwell this year. I feel certain Thomas will get his due and I will eventually vote for him. But right now I took Bagwell.
2. Craig Biggio – He is a Hall of Famer, no doubt about it in my mind. Trammell and Kent deserve strong consideration.
3. Barry Bonds – Right now I still have to vote for him and…
4. Roger Clemens – because they are still two of the best ever regardless
5. Tom Glavine – To the victor go the spoils
6. Greg Maddux – No need to amplify
7. Jack Morris – I voted for him. Obviously there is strong disagreement on this one but he is getting my vote
8. Mike Mussina – He was the last one checked. I gave the last one to a pitcher because of the era. Schilling will likely get my vote in the future as well.
9. Rafael Palmeiro – Mainly because he is in danger of falling off the ballot. It’s getting harder to justify expending a vote on him but I did once again. This vote only hurts Tim Raines because he most likely would have been next.
10. Mike Piazza – One of the best catchers ever


You lost my respect when you voted for “suspected” or known PED users. You are “rewarding” those who abuse or are suspected of abusing baseball’s rules.

So by that rational, I can suspect you of being a criminal…therefore you should lose your job, skip the trial, and go straight to jail. That doesn’t make any sense. There is a process and each case should be handled individually. Should someone who committed a murder be treated the same way as someone who didn’t pay a speeding ticket? You can’t just blindly say all suspected or “known” users should be banned.

Wow. Bagwell over Thomas?

That’s indefensible.

Yeah that surprised me as well.

Bagwell over the big hurt is a head scratchier and I’m sorry but Raffi , Clemens and Bonds simply have no place in the MLB HOF.

Frank Thomas has been suspected of PED use…so has Bagwell for that matter. Just curious as to why you’re ok with him getting in but not the others. I agree with you BTW that Thomas should be in over Bagwell.

I just think Thomas was a better player than Bagwell. WoW could that guy hit. He controlled the strike zone better than anyone I had the pleasure of watching ( Pryor to Bonds of course) I honestly was nor aware of per allegations against Thomas, and nothing has been confirmed on Bagwell to my knowledge, so the p.e.d thing really wasn’t a factor for me at least with these 2 guys

Yeah I agree with you on Thomas…he was a great hitter…one of my favorite players to watch.

TR, I may not agree with you, but I respect your right to vote how you see fit. You’ve earned it. Thank you for the transparency! Sorry Raffy, but you broke our hearts and when you speak, it still sounds like you just don’t get it. I so wish you didn’t have the smudge that cost your legacy. But, I’ll never believe you got tainted B12….I just can’t.

It amazes me how short sighted and narrow minded people can be. TR has it right. He knows he’s not qualified to judge the PEDs issue so he did the right thing…vote players in on the basis of their on-field play. None of us know or will ever know just how many players have used or did things to enhance their performance. I’d be willing to bet that the HOF already has a few members that have used PEDs and it’s inevitable that more will make it in over time. If you want to argue against McGwire or Sosa or even Palmeiro…I can respect that. But Bonds and Clemens are HOFers…whether you like them or not.

The Baseball writers association of America provides 6 factors for its members take into consideration when voting for potential HOF inductees

1) record of statistical accomplishments
2) playing ability
3) integrity
4) sportsmanship
5) character
6) contributions to the teams for which he played
All 6 factors to be given equal consideration in the voting process. What other players in a given era or time, be they teammates or rivals may or may not have done, been accused of doing, in or out of a court of law is not currently listed as being factors to be considered in the voting process. In other words ITS NOT A COURT OF LAW but a court of PUBLIC OPINION, factors such as character, sportsmanship and integrity all call for the writers LIKE IT OR NOT to consider their own personal opinion of a given players integrity, character and sportsmanship when considering if a player will or will not receive the writers vote. Voting is NOT to be based solely upon the players record of statistical accomplishments.
based upon the inclusion of these three factors, it is my personal opinion that this why these players will Never and should Never be inducted into the MLB HOF.
and it’s not only my opinion, but is also the opinion the the majority of the members of the BBWAA as well.
Just a little shout out for all us short sited folk who amaze you

1. You say “All 6 factors to be given equal consideration in the voting process.” Agreed. And with that even if you give guys like Bonds and Clemens negative marks on character and integrity, that’s still leaves them with 4 out 6 categories…which in my mind means they should be in. Worse case scenario, you knock them for sportsmanship but that still leaves it as a toss up…which is far different from saying they would NEVER get it.

2. You say “ITS NOT A COURT OF LAW but a court of PUBLIC OPINION.” That’s not really accurate either. The only people that can vote are BBWAA members. If it were really a court of “public opinion” then we’d all have a vote too.

3. You say “Voting is NOT to be based solely upon the players record of statistical accomplishments.” I agree. When i say TR did the right thing and voted based a players on field play…that includes character, integrity, and sportsmanship as it relates to their on field play…not their off the field issues.

4. You say “it’s not only my opinion, but is also the opinion the the majority of the members of the BBWAA as well.” How do you know that the “majority of BBWAA members will NEVER vote a suspected PED user in? NEVER is a strong word. Just because they’re not ready to accept PED use now does not mean that they will NEVER accept it. There was a time when people wouldn’t even acknowledge the accomplishments of the Negro League players, now many of them have been honored and revered by the HOF.

Lastly, my original comment wasn’t meant for people like you that have a well thought out reason to not want to vote people in…even if I disagree with you. It was meant for those that just blindly say all suspected PED users should be banned or prevented from going into the HOF.

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