Rangers still not optimistic about signing Choo

The Rangers have made their best effort toward signing free agent outfielder Shin-Soo Choo. They remain in communication with his agent Scott Boras. The two sides have apparently talked numbers but a Rangers source said they do not feel optimistic that he is giving strong consideration to anything that has been presented. The Rangers have “no clue” if they will be able to sign Choo or not but it appears they have put a lot of work into it.


Bet Boras would be taking one more lap around the other clubs to shop the Rangers “offer.”
Choo at the right price and length would be ok; Rios comes up for free agency next year,
which would open a spot for Choice.

I’m not that excited about Choo. I don’t know that he’s worth a long contract. But, I trust the Rangers braintrust will stay the course and do whatever they can without handcuffing the club.

Do not give 7 year contract. Just walk away. I’d rather 5 years at the most and over pay for the 5 years, rather than 2 extra years that he probably will be half the player.

These contracts are getting ridiculous, Choo would be a nice piece for any team to add, but for no more than a 4 year contact, he should be in obvious decline by that time, and he wants to be paid like a star 3 years after his usefulness, walk on by JD. Contracts like that need to be reserved for absolute transcendent talent

Choo On Base And Plate Selection Age Very Well And If He’s Signed By A American Lg Team They Could DH Him Every Now And Again.. I Say 5 Years With A Vesting Option..His Skill Set Is Very Tough To Find Now a.days….

So far, JD appears to be playing the right cat and mouse game with Choo and Cruz; but, the Wilson (rule 5) selection is really mysterious. Can’t make sense of it.

When’s the last time a GM took a dive for many years and many dollars…and the player who signed lived up to his billing for the entire length of the contract. We union guys aren’t so dumb. We almost always get seven or so years pay for five or so years of work!

wouldn’t be bragging about that work schedule…………

Shin Soo Choo signs 7 year deal with Rangers reports John Heyman of CBS sports. Details to come.

130 million is being reported.

Not optimistic? I think the cat just got the mouse. WOW … Boom, Bang, bring on the season. You go JD.

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