Rangers have offer to Choo that’s getting serious consideration

According to a source, the Rangers have a seven-year offer on the table to free agent outfielder Shin-Soo Choo and he is giving it serious consideration. The offer is less than the $153 million deal that Jacoby Ellsbury signed with the Yankees this off-season but is still strong enough for Choo to consider.

The Rangers had a two-hour meeting with Choo prior to the Winter Meetings and gave him a strong sales pitch about coming to Texas. Choo turned down a six-year offer from the Rangers, according to the source. But now it appears the Rangers have gone seven years and could have a good chance to sign him at possibly around $130 million.

The Rangers have not commented on their negotiations with Choo so far at the Winter Meetings. Privately club officials have suggested they are not going to be able to sign Choo. But that may be changing.



God I hope not.
I’m okay with seven years but 130? I hope its closer to 100

Rangers–please do not give such a long-term deal to Choo. Sign Cruz for three years instead!

$130M is more than the Reds entire payroll, yet so many have the gall to say they aren’t a small market team and place all the blame on Walt

This reds entire payroll is only for this year so it would only be around 18 million.

There are slews of choos to choose from. Don’t let him Voo Doo Yu ! JD, get a clue,say screw you to choo

I think it would have been better to go with Cruz, half the years half the money. We would have had something no team has; three guys in the middle of the order with 35 home runs potential (unless of course Albert and Josh bounce back with Angels to go with Trout). Power is what everyone is saying is in short supply these days and we know what happen last year when we couldn’t find it going down the stretch. One of the fun things about baseball there is more than one way to build a team. Choo will certainly make us better. Gentry had that .390 on base in September which was great and Choo has done that for his career with some power so we’ll like it. We have basically switched Kinsler, Cruz, and Gentry for Choo, Fielder, and Choice which should make us some better. If Moreland puts a whole season together and Martin and Profar mature in this age of parity and two wild cards we should be in it all the way. It’ll probably come down to if the pitching stays healthy.

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