Rangers being patient

One club official described it as the Rangers are “spinning our wheels” at the Winter Meetings. Others suggest they are being patient. They are not close to doing anything here at the Winter Meetings.

They remain interested in outfielder Shin-Soo Choo but not at the current asking price of seven years and $140-150 million. The question is how much lower agent Scott Boras has to go before the Rangers jump on board. Maybe Boras finds what he is looking for elsewhere and doesn’t have to come down.

Nelson Cruz remains unsigned as well. The Rangers so far are only willing to do a two-year deal. Cruz’s agent Adam Katz wants more. That’s the impasse with Cruz.

As long as they both remain unsigned, the Rangers can stay patient. If one signs, it may push the Rangers to go after the other one with renewed vigor.


Forget Cruz. I am sure better players are out there.

Find a deal JD, I think Choo makes the Rangers better but NO way he is worth what Boris is asking for. Cruz doesn’t make Texas a contender, but I’m ok with a 2 year, or 3rd year as a team option.

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