Choo too much for Rangers

The Rangers have heard Shin-Soo Choo’s asking price and they are not interested in meeting it. The Rangers have met with agent Scott Boras here at the Winter Meetings and right now he is asking for close to the same seven-year, $153 million contract that Jacoby Ellsbury received from the Yankees.

The Rangers aren’t interested in doing that even though they like the idea of him being their leadoff hitter. Sources said the Rangers aren’t going to sign Choo unless the price comes down considerably.

Right now there is a better chance of re-signing outfielder Nelson Cruz. It would likely take a three-year deal but the Rangers haven’t offered that yet.

The Rangers have also checked in on right-handed bats Corey Hart and Michael Morse.


Choo is not the answer. He can’t hit lefties and does not hit for power. Let’s not overpay for a player with known flaws. I’d much prefer Nellies boo stick at dh and take my chances with a young left fielder. Choice who cost pennies. Save the money and take a shot at Tanaka

Nellie doesn’t have known flaws? I have no interest in Choo at the price/length discussed but if those numbers come down considerably, I’d prefer him to Nelson. He gets on base at a high rate and he’s a good fielder.

Agree … but, Nellie may also too expenseive for what you get.

I agree with Bryan. I would rather platoon Moreland, Cruz, Choice as DH / LF than over pay of an incomplete tool player. Use that money to go get Tanaka.

Corey Hart may be the best alternative. Right hand power; about 31 or 32 yrs old.

I’d prefer Hart if the contract lenghth is the same. They both give you power with low average, mediocre on base %. Nelson on a 3 year deal is ok with me, but I think he might get 4-5.

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