Winter Meetings: Daniels talks

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels met with the DFW media tonight. Among the topics…

1. He has met with agent Adam Katz about Nelson Cruz. Discussions are on-going. There are no plans to meet again but Daniels expects they will continue to talk.

2. Rangers are not looking for a closer and feel good about their candidates to fill the role: Neftali Feliz, Tanner Scheppers and Joakim Soria

3. Daniels said the Rangers haven’t spent much time looking for pitching

4. Rangers could be in the market for a right-handed hitting complement to Mitch Moreland at designated hitter.

5. The Rangers had interest in Roy Halladay before he decided to retire.


An effective, right hand bat in left field would be big (maybe Choice). But, you would rather not give up Moreland to get it (losing flexibility). So, we might start next year with what we have now, or sign Cruz … which I don’t favor. Ugh, a delimma.

The problem with Cruz is … can you reasonably expect production similar to the first half of last year, or will he be sporadic like most of his career – only now at a much larger price tag. You know he will be less than average as a fielder – but with a big arm. And Choo is too old for a long, high priced contract, and you lose a draft choice. Not many good free agent alternatives.

We got the best Quarterback in the draft. One big problem, we play baseball.

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