Rangers to sign JP Arencibia

The Rangers are reportedly going to sign catcher JP Arencibia to a one year contract of $2 million.
Arencibia played with the Blue Jays for the last 4 seasons, and will be the back up to Geovanny Soto. Texas tried to sign Arencibia last week before the non-tender deadline, but could not work out a contract. The Rangers were interested in Kurt Suzuki, but he is apparently looking for a position as a full time catcher.

More on the website later (when the power comes back on!)


Got to like his youth, stamina, and home run potential; but, the batting average really needs help. Maybe the Rangers new hitting instructor can take him on as a project.

JD … here’s one to try: Ogando for the Yankee’s Gardner – straight up. Would solve a few problems.

That would be a terrible trade for Texas. Gardner is 1 season away from becoming a free agent while Ogando is still under club control for 3 more years.


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