Rangers tried to trade for Arencibia before non-tender

The Rangers had serious trade discussions with the Blue Jays about catcher J.P. Arencibia before he was non-tendered on Monday, according to industry sources.

A trade was close to being completed but the Rangers were reluctant to add another arbitration-eligible player. The Rangers were willing to do a trade if Arencibia was willing to agree to a contract that would have avoided arbitration. But it never got worked out and now Arencibia, who hit .194 last year, is another free agent under consideration.

Arencibia and Kurt Suzuki are two possibilities as the Rangers look for a backup catcher behind Geovany Soto. Both have been regular catchers in the past. Arencibia hit 62 home runs and drove in 159 runs combined over the past three seasons.

Arencibia was looking at approximately a $2.7 million through arbitration. The Rangers signed Soto earlier this off-season for $3.05 million in 2014.


Perhaps I was locked in the basement and missed it, but was there ever ANY talk about bringing AJ back? If there was, why in the world would we not have done that? He signed for 1 year and had the 2nd best avg last year. He is also a darn good catcher! I know he & Yu didn’t hit it off but Yu only pitches every 5th day!

Think it was more than Yu that he didn’t get along with.

Soto is inconsistent year to year but had a better offensive season than AJ last year and better career numbers. He’s 6 years younger and will make about 40% less than AJ. Just a few factors to consider…

Rather go with Chirinos than Arencibia.

Cherinos is a solid third option to stash at Triple-A, but starting the season with him as the back up means you’re one injury away from having a 29 year old with 18 big league starts at the position be your primary catcher. I don’t think any big league club should be content with that lack fo depth.

I wouldn’t have minded it if they had tried to pry Jason Castro from the lastros. That would have solidified things while Alfaro developed, and if he doesn’t come along like you hope, you’ve got a very serviceable backstop for a few years

Arencibia is a good move. At the very least, a solid backup, maybe this change of scenery allows him to reach his potential without the expectations that were attached in Toronto. At any rate, this is a good cost effective move that could pay off well and turn into a steal of a deal.

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