Rangers Trade Craig Gentry to Oakland for Michael Choice

The Rangers have traded OF Craig Gentry to the Oakland A’s for OF Michael Choice and 2B Chris Bostick. A source confirmed that Gentry was traded as part of package that included pitcher RHPJosh Lindbloom.

Choice was the A’s first round draft pick in 2010 (10th overall) attended Mansfield Timberview High School and the University of Texas at Arlington.

Stay tuned, more on the website later.


Bull shut!

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I am about through with the Rangers. I am trying to contain myself but among some of the other STUPID things that JD has done, this tops it all. Stupid Stupid Stupid. IF the Rangers magically won the WS in 2014, there is no one left that the fans can even feel excited for.

Over dramatize much?

Sorry to see Gentry go; but it begins to make room for Moreland in left – a good thing.

Moreland will be the next to go. Unbelievable

JD you should be tared and feathered and shown the door! You trade for an unproven “Kid?” And move a major league baseball player who plays CF and would be your starting Center Fielder but you got the Cuban mistake with a big signing bonus to justify!

How about flipping these two kids to Houston for Jason Castro?

Wow, M Young,Nolan,Jackie ,Kinsler, Murphy and now Gentry ,JD isn’t winning any popularity contests around here any time soon. Hope it all works out.

I agree mmurphf I can’t believe Mr Davis is OK with this kind of Stupid trades that JD had done. They will not win. Wash will see to that he gave TWO away.

i like this deal for the rangers. it looks like a good deal if… the rangers can get say Choo for the outfield. we still need power and i have not seen anything mentioned about a full time DH for the club.

i liked Gentry he was solid in def. his bat was a touch soft and that is the only knock against him that i have.

JD is taking a chance on a player who looks to have a big bat if he develops. Gentry was good and will be missed but this is a good trade for the future. They already have a good young CF and other Rangers big outfield prospects are still years away so getting Choice is a great move for the near future. Rangers fans should look at this trade logically as a good one for the future of the team!

Are we dumping salary already to pay Fielder or just doing something to do something. We trade the perfect third outfielder who can play all three outfield positions and get on base and steal bases. Choice surely has more power but at this point in his career he is more likely to have a ton of strikeouts. MLB has him listed as the number 90 prospect in MLB and Profar was number one last year and he hit around .230. I thought the Fielder trade said we were going for it now not two years from now. The pitching may have been our strength last year but wasn’t good enough to get us in the playoffs. It’s hard to believe that with more inexperienced it will be good enough. With Profar, Choice and to a lesser extend Martin we are going with a lot of inexperience that doesn’t normally mean playoffs. About the time Profar, Choice, and Martin are ready to blossom Beltre’s contract will be up and Fielder’s swing will be slowing down even more than it did this last year. If Oakland thought Choice was ready to be the middle of the order bat they wouldn’t be trading him. This trade appears to have made Oakland better and the Rangers weaker in the now. Sad. I hope I’m wrong but doesn’t look like it helps for 2014.

So a 20 year old Profar wasn’t ready to make in impact therefore Choice, a completely different 24 year old player, isn’t ready to contribute? That’s sound reasoning.

Do you really think Oakland who want guys they can control for four years before they start making big money would be trading him if they thought he was ready to be an impact. Of course he’s ahead of Profar he has done well at AAA and Profar didn’t really even play AAA. We need a big bat to go behind Beltre. Choice is more likely to perform like Moreland did this last year (which was a disappointment) than be that bat. In the long run this trade will likely be a win for both teams but in my opinion this year is more on Oakland’s side. The win now side of it is what I’m talking about.

Choice doesn’t have to be a big bat right away in order for Texas to not take a step backwards. Remember, he’s replacing Gentry/Murphy’s at bats. Not exactly a ton of collective offense. It’s time for Martin to step up and hit consistently. If her can improve just half as much in that area as he has defense and baserunning, he’s an everday CFer. E. Beltre replaces Gentry’s defense.
I still think they add an impact bat at DH rather than put that responsibility soley on Choice. Texas sacrificed some depth in the short term for upside in the long term. I like it. Oakland is clearly in “win now” mode and Daniels exploited that.

It was bad to see Ian go, then he let Nathan go, now JD has traded Gentry. A good fielder, speed on the bases, and steals bases. Those three are great players and will be GREATLY missed. I know for most people baseball is NOT a sport, it’s a business! Then JD some good business will be to resign Cruz. He is worth what he is asking for which is not as much as some of the others are asking for!

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