Confirmed: Kinsler for Fielder

It has been confirmed by sources that the Rangers have acquired first baseman Prince Fielder from the Tigers for second baseman Ian Kinsler. The Rangers will also get $30 million in the deal. Jurickson Profar is the Rangers new second baseman.


WOW !!!!!!!!

Another Daniels mistake!!

Another bad trade.

When they trade JD and RW. I think that will be the best deal. Bring Michael Young back as replacement for RW.

I think they would if they could locate the retirement home where MY resides….how about Pug for a catcher?

I like the trade. Big upside, and loads of risk. Keep Moreland for left firld and as insurance at first base.

I like the deal as well, I love Ian Kinsler, but last season shows you what happens when you don’t have bats in the middle of your order who punish the ball, this kid is a legitimate beast who will flourish here much like Beltre has, Comerica park is a tough hitters park and it surprisingly sapped Fielders power, he will not have the same issues here at RBIA, much like Beltre was re-born after escaping Safeco, this however may very prove to be a death sentence for Kinsler who loses the benefit of playing half his games here at RBIA, this has huge upside potential the the Rangers, without a great deal of risk as Fielders deal is now essentially guaranteed through 2018 at $16.5 per + a $10 mil buyout, we owed Ian $15.5 per through 2018 + a. Simular buyout agreement so there isn’t a huge difference in the financial commitment involved, but Fielders may come here and hit 40 bombs per year for the next 4 seasons while you have likely heard the last you ever here from Kinsler who derived much of his value from his bat. But anyway you look at it, you have to take chances in order to improve, this move certainly qualify as being huge in that department.

Didn’t see that one coming. Fielder’s lefthanded power will play well in Arlington, for sure. He’s the type of hitter they really need in the middle of the lineup because he works pitchers, going deep into counts and draws a lot of walks. I like Beltre and Rios but they are free swingers who don’t walk much. Cruz too. They still need another bat…

I think it’s a win for both teams, Texas gets a power bat, and upgrade at first base by dealing from a position of depth and the Tigers get some salary relief to re-sign Scherzer. They also improve their defense by moving Cabrera from third to first.

WOW…YEP another JD mistake. It’s kinda “funny” in the videos they show Fielder making all of these homeruns throughout the year. Ummm..what about how he did during the playoffs. BIG DIFFERENCE!
Hey JD, now do something good and resign Cruz!

If by “funny” you mean “completely expected because why wouldn’t they show that” then I agree. If by “funny” you mean “funny” then not so much…

Why does John boy keep screwing with the chemistry on this team first Micheal then Josh now Ian & looks like their going to let Murphy walk too. I sure hope Wash can keep it going because Daniels sure doesn’t seem to think about it. You think John boy called Nolan for his opinion oh silly me of course he did.

Do you even follow the team?

Yeah, that’s what this club is missing. Some Josh Hamilton. Did you think Texas should’ve ponied up the 10 million to keep Murphy?

Let’s hope Prince bounces back. Everyone seems to think it’s only a ballpark thing or Fielder’s personal issues that caused his decline. I didn’t see a wind effect last year and nothing says it will be back next summer. Moreland is a better defensive first baseman and has as good of a chance to provide the bounce back power with the same number of at bats as Fielder gets. Profar didn’t look like a big league player last year and just because he has a set position doesn’t mean he will this year.

Thought Profar looked better than Andrus when he first came up. But, you are correct about the risk. Moreland is better defensively, but not sure the “bounce back” tag really applies to Moreland; he’s not been to the numbers Prince has generated. I don’t like
the Prince look; I do like the production potential. Maybe Wash can get him to drop a few pounds and launch some of his best career results … a risk – yes.

Great trade for both teams! Forget the drivel of these Danials bashes , this trade makes us better, and give us the money for another big bat. We all loved the teams that started this roll, but time, it’s a changing and you need to be ready to move on. GO RANGERS!!

Daniels is backtracking and learning to play chess. If he knew he was going to let Hamilton walk, then you sign Fielder to replace him. If he had done this before, this team would not have struggled. Now he needs to re-sign Cruz and the team is back. Maybe just maybe a deal for Michael Young might also help if he is affordable.

Throwing $200+ million at Fielder two offseasons ago while still spending the $ to land Darvish: probably not realistic. Now they have both.

JD had some other masters to please during the Hamilton, Young debates. Rangers are alot better off without that over the hill gang at high prices (including Kinsler).

I have no idea what these JD bashers think he should have done in view of the teams clear need for impact talent in The middle of the order, did we need to keep rolling the Murphy’s, Morelands and Kinslers out there and hope they snap out of their funks and start driving the ball???? Did he need to bring Josh Hamilton back to town so we could put up with baby sitting him?? Prodding him, stroking him, pleading with him to play 130 games a year, then watching him bale on us again when we need him to perform. THAT SHIP HAS NOW SAIL, and crashed into An iceberg and sank like the Titanic, Prince Fielder has elite power, the kind that usually is not available in trade, JD did precisely what any credible GM would have done in view of this teams almost desperate need for bats, if he does nothing to help the offense the he’s lambasted, if he trades from a surplus, high priced veteran for a game changing middle of the order monster he’s lambasted. I’M BEGINNING TO SEE WHY JOSH HAMILTON SAID THIS IS NOT A BASEBALL TOWN!!!!!!!!

1996 Yankees post season roster 1999 Yankees post season roster
C-Joe Girardi C-Jorge Posada
1B-Tino Martinez 1B-Tino Martinez
2B-Mariano Duncan 2B-Chuck Knoblauch
3B-Wade Boggs 3B-Scott Brosius
LF-Gerald Willams LF-Ricky Ledee
CF-Bernie Williams CF-Bernie Williams
RF-Paul O’Neill RF-Paul O’Neill
DH-Ruben Sierra DH-Chili Davis

I said all of that to say this. To maintain a long run as a contender, the lineup does turn over. That’s the way baseball go! Keep it up JD. You haven’t failed us yet. Welcome Prince! Good luck and thanks a lot Ian. You were great when you were here.

I feel sure that Fielder will do alright. Likely much better than what we saw so much last year with the team unable to score consistently. However when Texeria left we were told we would build and maintain the team thru the draft rather than sign these high priced long term contracts. The Fielder contract will work for four or five years maybe and then we will have to pay someone to take him and someone else to play in his place. Hopefully we will have won in the mean time and it will have been worth it. That seems to be where we are – win how, which sounds good. As we saw this year even the Yankees can’t buy there way in every year. We’ve gone in to the money pool so now lets go all the way in and see if this year is our year. Then when the big contracts become to heavy to bear we’ll go back to the draft thing.

Ken, the great thing about this organization right now is that they are not one dimensional going for free agents instead of draft or vice versa. Their plan is to maintain all of that. They are still working hard and devote a lot of resources to scouting and signing talent. They are set up real nice right now with a deep system and they plan to maintain that. I think that any splash in free agency will not be upper tier money. They traded a veteran for a veteran so as I see it, they are consistent with the course they have set to remain competitive for years to come. I love it!!!!!!

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