Rangers hire Molina

The Rangers have hired Bengie Molina as their first base coach and catching instructor. He caught for the Rangers in 2010. Bobby Jones has been hired as a Major League assistant hitting coach as the seventh coach.


Good move all the way around.

What does this say about how the Rangers feel about Ivan Rodriguez? I thought Pudge was the teams catching instructor, having worked extensively with young Jorge Alfaro last off season. Is Pudge from the Ryan camp, thus a marked man? Has he already been relieved of his duties and I missed the press release? If not, exactly what role does Pudge play for this team? We need a plan for this Alfaro kid, he’s too good to be playing around with.

From the Rangers website 9 months ago: “The Rangers have hired former catcher Ivan Rodriguez as a special assistant in the front office. Rodriguez…will work in all areas of the franchise, including baseball, business and community relations.”

Just like Greg Maddux acts as a special assistant to the GM as a roving minor league instructor, yet the big league staff still has a full time pitching coach and full time assistant pitching coach, Bengie Molina is a full time coach on the big league staff so I don’t see how his hire prevents Pudge from working with young catchers or any of his other varius duties.

Thank you, I was under the impression that Pudge was brought in specifically to work with Alfaro, I like Molina, hopefully between he and Pudge they can help Alfaro reach his potential. I like the fact that the Rangers are making sure this young man is exposed to the some of the very best defensive catchers who have played the game

It certainly can’t hurt his development to have those two available to mentor him. I’m interested to see if Alfaro will struggle against more refined pitching when he gets to Double A. He’s raw but the potential is sky high.

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