Moreland, Lewis, Cruz updates

General manager Jon Daniels said the Rangers are getting some interest in first baseman Mitch Moreland from other clubs, viewing him as a “buy low” candidate.

Daniels said the Rangers have made an offer to pitcher Colby Lewis and are waiting to hear back from him.

Daniels said the Rangers are expecting Nelson Cruz to reject their qualifying offer on Monday and test the free agent market. He has been in touch with Cruz’s agent Adam Katz.

Daniels confirmed the Rangers are willing to talk about their middle infielders because it is an area of depth for them. He said other teams still have a high regard for infielder Jurickson Profar.


JD’s pants are on fire.

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Noooooo, not Mitch!!

Justin Morneau would be an upgrade at 1st base. The Cards need a SS, we need an outfielder. Why not trade Profar for Travaris, or do a package deal of players for Geincarlo Stanton, and Jose Fernandez. Pay to get McCann and catcher is covered. Add David Price in the mix on a trade someway and were ready to roll.

There might not be enough blue chip prospects in ANY farm system to land Tavares, Stanton, Fernandez and Price. I can’t imagine the Marlins are interested in moving Fernandez to begin with…

Hey, while we’re at it, why not send lisalverto Bonilla, Ryan Rua,Jordan Akins Kellin Deglan and Jason Frasier to Dodgers in exchange for Clay Kershaw, Puig and Cory Seager?

Sign Kevin Mench and throw him in that deal too. Done

what do you think about signing brian McCann he could solve problems at 1b, dh, and b/u catcher in platoon w/ soto

we will have to do something w/ kinsler he will not move positions , if cano does not resign w/ Yankees trade him there for david Robertson and 2 low level propects

why does everyone think we need a left fielder what about gentry he was only our defensive player of the year according leonys in center rios in right

if we resign cruz tell him he will dh only……. if not like let him go and take the pick

we need to resign murphy and baker last year a fluke
resign Jason frasor and travis blackley to shore up bullpen

A Gentry, Martin, Rios outfield is pretty limp, offensively. You’d be talking less than 40 homers between them in all likelihood. They need to upgrade offensively in LF. Martin/Gentry platoon in CF is a winner. Frasor has already been re-signed.

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