Nathan declines option

Joe Nathan is a free agent. He has voided the option for 2014. The Rangers picked up the option but he voided it


Another JD and Wash Mistake.

I think we have enough bullpen options not to have Nathan back. I would like to sign Elsbury and McCann, then trade Martin and Profar to the Red Sox for Bulkholtz.

Another good move.

“Another JD and Wash Mistake.” Joe Nathan deciding to exercise his right to become a free agent is a mistake on someone else’s part? Please explain.

“Trade Martin”?? Are you insane? Outfield bats are hard to come by in Texas. Now trading Profar is understandable.

If we would have Elsbury, then the outfield of Rios, Elsbury and Gentry would be great (look at that speed). Bulkholtz is under contract for at least 4 more years. A starting rotation of Bulkholtz, Darvish, Holland, Harrison and Perez for the next 3 years would be awesome.
Elsbury would be a great leadoff hitter which we have not had for a long time.

Buchholz is a very good pitcher but if Texas trades Profar I’d rather it not be for a guy with shoulder trouble and durability issues. Just my opinion, of course.

After Bulkholtz came off the DL, he went 3 and 1 with a 2.50 ERA with 15 strikeouts in 18 innings. With the whole winter to recoup, he will be great for the next 4 years.

Yeah, he only required a mere 2 and a half months off to be in good shape for that marathon 4 game stretch. He also had all winter to recoup before the last 3 seasons when he averaged less than 130 innings a year. Seriously, Brandon McCarthy has been more durable than Clay has over that 3 year stretch. That should be a sobering reality for anyone that has been a Rangers fan for any length of time.

You guys got it should be Kinsler for Elsbury and put Profar where he should be on 2nd; batting 2nd.

Trading for a free agent? Interesting strategy.

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