Rangers decline option on Berkman

The Rangers have formally told Lance Berkman they are not picking up his option. That is not a surprise but the Rangers have made it official and Berkman is now a free agent. The Rangers had a $12 million option but instead will pay a $1 million buyout.


He should never have been here in the first place, that’s what’s so frustrating about JD’s horrible 2012 off season, we bring in guys whom the average everyday run of the baseball fan knows cannot ad anything to your team, pay him $12 mil, talk about winning pieces as oppose to non winning pieces then virtually hand the world series to the red sox by providing them with their closer and starting first baseman, JD, so you thought Berkman was an upgrade over Mike freaking Napoli did you? WOW. it didn’t matter that we needed a RIGHT handed bat more than a lefty bat . I’m hoping we have a better off season this year,2012 was not good.

Failure to make the qualifying offer to Napoli is the larger issue for me. Giving away $11 million isn’t good, but it’s a short term problem. Missing out on an additional first round pick could be a detriment in the long term.

hindsight is always 20/20, dumbass.

Hey Jack wagon south, these are things they argued and debated at the time that these decisions were being made, but thanks for your input.

great move.

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