Rangers Hire Bench Coach

The Rangers have hired Tim Bogar as bench coach to replace Jackie Moore. They are still looking for one other coach.

More on the website later.


I think he would be a good replacement for Wash.
JD and Wash need to go, so the Rangers can get back in the winning of games.

In the 53 year history of the franchise (included the senators) the Rangers have only had seven 90 win seasons. 4 of those 7 have come under Wash and JD…that includes 4 seasons in row AND the 96 win 2011 season, which is the best in franchise history. It amazes me how short sided people can be.

“..can get back in the winning of games.” If one didn’t know better they’d assume from your statement that the Rangers were a glorious, well run franchise before these two arrived and that the club had since fallen on hard times rather than the actual truth that the past several years have been far and away the best stretch in the team’s history.

It is short sighted real sports fan! Looks like you should cutback on the sporting events and star maybe reading or attempting to learn and utilize the English Language!


The bottom line, no matter how you feel about Washington, he has done an excellent job! There are problems looming though folks. Why because, he has never been allowed to pick his staff! If you are the Manager, you should be able to pick your staff! Washington said he wanted Anderson and Moore back and they were canned! That isn’t good! If I am the fall guy, I want MY PEOPLE, not the heir apparent backstabbing me to the top! WHEN, not IF Washington is fired next year, I want Maddux as Manager, not Bogar!!!

Thank you for the spelling lesson, Language Fairy.

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