Abreu update on Thursday

The Rangers are trying to get first baseman Jose Dariel Abreu, who is a free agent after defecting from Cuba. Indications on Thursday night is the White Sox have emerged as the front-runners. But nothing is expected to come down tonight. One source suggested the Rangers had a real shot at Abreu but others suggest that they are not going to be able to land him.


This is what so frustrating about JD of late, he is able to get in the conversation on elite talents, but not able to close the deal on anything, except for none elite level guys like the 2 bums they got from the cubs the last couple of seasons, hey JD, bringing in the Rich Garza’s of the world and paying a king’s ransom for the privilege will get you nowhere fast, elite level talent acquisitions is what will make or break you. You over paid both in talent and in $$$$ for Garza, now there is a game altering talent right in front of you and you can’t get the deal closed, no cost in terms of prospects at all, we know you like the kid a lot, otherwise you would be involved at this level, the need for a big bat is glaring, and you can’t close the deal. WOW!!!!!!!

Thank you for information. I think we could get someone from the USA to play.
Another question. How can Jon Daniel release a coach when Ryan wanted to keep him. I hope Mr Davis and Simpson can see the reason the Rangers lost out. I have been a Ranger fan all the years they have been in Arlington. Ron Washing and Jon Daniel Should go,


“but not able to close the deal on anything” Oh, yeah, I know. It’s lucky for him that Joe Nathan, Yu Darvish and Adrian Beltre just materialized out of nowhere or this team would’ve really stunk the past few seasons.

He wanted Cliff Lee desperately and couldn’t close the deal, he wanted Zach Grienke both at the 2012 trade deadline and the offseason, couldn’t close a deal, wanted Justin Upton both last offseason and 2013 trade deadline, couldn’t close the deal, He was however able to close the deal the last 2 years on acquiring those 2 bums from Chicago who came in and contributed almost nothing down the stretch in 2012 and 2013, I definitely give JD credit on the Darvish acquisition, that was huge, Let’s not get carried away with heaping credit on him for signing Beltre, Beltre was plan b after not closing the. Lee deal out, he benefited from the fact the Tony Reagan’s was clueless enough not to sign him in Los Angeles where he desperately wanted to play. As far. as the Nathan signing goes, if read my comment above you would have noted that I was actually referring to high profile, coveted free agent’s or trade targets, I would not consider Nathan and his 2 ye $14 mil sign as a big ticket acquisition in today’s market. Jon Daniels has had a real bad last 22 months as GM of this team with regard to player personnel movement, there is simply no way anybody who is objective and knowledgeable about baseball can realistically dispute that fact.

And Dumping Nolan Ryan isn’t going to make him any friends around here, not right here anyway

You make some valid points. Personally, though, I don’t think it’s reasonable for an objective fan to find fault in any GM being unable to “close the deal” in a situation where the player shunned the largest offer that he received, leaving both money and guaranteed years on the table in order to play in the city of his choosing. You’re effectively saying that it wasn’t enough for Texas to outbid every team in baseball, but they should’ve also outbid themselves.
As far as the bad 22 months, I’m under no illusion that this past offseason was a great one for Daniels. I think the Soria signing will be a good one long term. Berkman was a total failure in the short term. Pierzynski and Frasor both worked out well, but the team regressed in the win column and that’s ultimately what matters. I fail to see how the offseason leading into 2012 was anything but positive. Daniels let Wilson walk in favor of putting the team’s eggs in the Darvish basket. As we sit here with Darvish coming off a season with a sub 3 ERA it’s easy to forget how controversial that signing was at the time. It’s the kind of decision that gets a man fired if it doesn’t work. He also signed Nathan that offseason, a move that I agree wasn’t on a highly coveted player and therefore not germane to the earlier topic at hand, but was none the less a shrewd move that resulted in 2 years of elite performance for a closer at a good price in terms of what free agent closers normally get paid.
Yes, you can harp on the Dempster trade but what did the Rangers give up in exchange for a pitcher that was having a Cy Young caliber season? Do you envision Christian Villanueva or Barrett Loux being impact major leaguers? On one hand you criticize for failing to seal the deal then criticize in hindsight when he does get a targeted player and it doesn’t work. True, Dempster wasn’t good. But, he wasn’t as bad as Roy Oswalt, the guy Nolan kept pushing to sign and whose failure necessitated that the Rangers go out and acquire another starter. Just my opinion.

I hadn’t realized they were dating.

Daniels is living off one deal with the Braves, when he traded Texiera. He has made some other serious boneheaded moves, #1 Trading Gonzalez, the #1 pick in the draft and a first baseman for Eaton, the Japanese closer. What he should have known at the time of this deal was: Texiera was a Boras client and wasn’t staying here. You don’t trade a young first baseman, former #1 overall pick, when you are about to lose your first baseman. That guy should have been our replacement. Nolan should have fired J.D. for that deal alone, when he took over! We still don’t have a first baseman, and I for one, think Adrian would have fit in real nicely here for the long term..

Gonzalez has been with 3 different teams since Texas. What makes you think he’d still be here after all this time?

What really irks me and I see this in my job, is people’s egos. When they have a little success, it goes to their heads. J.D. is evidently on an ego trip. The guy is about 5’2″, so I guess he has to get it from somewhere, but as the saying goes, Pride cometh before the fall!

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