Rangers Re-Sign Jason Frasor

The Rangers have re-signed relief pitcher Jason Frasor to a one-year contact for $1.75 millon plus incentives.

Frasor appeared in 61 games during the 2013 season: 49 IP, 36 Hits, 20 BB, 48 K, 2.57 ERA.

More on the website later.


Smart move. Pitched well.

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Ben J. Sexton


I have a question based on completely ignorant jealousy. As we enjoyed the 2010 and 2011 seasons with our Rangers, we were encouraged by having the best minor league system in baseball. We have begun to reap the benefits of Sheppers, Perez, and Martin. I realize that we turned Leury Garcia, etc. into Alex Rios as well as Olt and co. for the Garza rental. So, we have some solid production out of that system that now seems to have a one or two year gap to the next wave of talent. Here’s the question. How do the Cardinals keep pulling impact players out of their system yearly? They have almost completely retooled their team since 2011. We have prospects that have arrived, but seem to be still developing. I am referring to Holland, Martin, and Perez specifically. I don’t count Profar because I think they wasted a year of him on the bench and it is still unclear if he will impact this team by being traded or if a spot will be cleared for him. His season has got to have shaken his confidence. Am I missing something or was our system not as advertised. Even the prospects traded away don’t seem to be doing well. Help me with this one fellas. I want to be positive about the future, but I’m not sure how much we can trust the prospects and their ratings.

The Cards do a tremendous job in both amateur scouting as well as player development, while the Rangers are advanced in the area of international scouting, notice if you Will where the fruits are coming from, while at the same time the international scouting department are identifying guys and signing guys like Rougned Odor, Jorge Alfaro, Luis Sardines, Leury Garcia, Jurickson Profar and The Martins Leonys and Perez, they have done a very poor job in some of the more recent first year player drafts, I mean how can you really justify the wasted drafting of guys like Matt Purke at 14 and Mike Trout is sitting there on the draft board then not sign Purke, then the following year you throw 2 high picks away on Jake Skole who nobody had projected in the top 200 pick as well as reaching for the catcher out of British Columbia, his name escapes me right now but he was at Myrtle Beach this season, while passing on Tijaun Walker who is then drafted 2 rounds later by the Mariners, these are clear indications that problems exist in the scouting department, I know hindsight is 20/20 but in order to address any issue correctly you must make positive adjustments, also the Cardinal tend not to rush there better prospects, they teach them the fundamentals of the game then promote them accordingly, how many times do we here that Rangers prospect A or B was the youngest guy at his level of play, where should the focus be, getting the kid to the quickest or getting them there ready to contribute? I think we see now why Washington didn’t play Olt and Profar down the stretch in 2012, they simply were not ready to contribute at that time, Profar would probably spent the season at triple A had he been in the Cardinals organization this year, so there are some pretty stark philosophical differences between the two organizations, the Rangers tend to praise kids for having advanced fundamental approach and make up as well as loud tools, the Cardinals go get the tool sheds and develope them into ballplayers before rushing them from level to level, the Rangers approach the draft like it’s there playing the lottery, lets take as many toils guys as we can find and hope 1 or 2 of them develope, make up is of great value to them particularly because of there poor track record in development, OMG look at this years Hickory club, most of those guys need to repeat that level because of a lack of development, I don’t know who the hitting coach or roving instructor was but Gee Mo Netty were they disappointing this year.

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