Daniels will address Washington’s contract privately; Expect offer to Cruz

General manager Jon Daniels said Ron Washington’s contract situation will be discussed privately. Washington is signed only through next year but Daniels remains supportive of Washington and said any thoughts of a change this off-season were driven by the media and did not come from the Rangers.

Daniels, in his post-season address to the media, said the Rangers have to get back to their roots of making good baseball decision.

The Rangers also appear hesitant about picking up Joe Nathan’s $9.5 million option and may look at other ways to fill the role of closer.

Daniels also indicated the Rangers will extend a qualifying offer to free agent outfielder Nelson Cruz.


Daniels is the biggest problem the rangers have. He needs to haul ass out of Texas!

Think just the opposite.

It is important to replace your failing unit before it breaks down if possible.
I’ve been playing some sort of World War 2 Air Combat simulator
since the days of the Atari ST. These are sold in appliance stores and they are great for college students,
people who travel and motor homes.

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