Murphy back in lineup

David Murphy is back in the Rangers lineup. He is in left field and batting seventh. Geovany Soto is catching and A.J. Pierzynski is the designated hitter.

Rangers can’t clinch anything so the Royals don’t have to worry about them celebrating with a swim in their outfield fountain pools. Not sure they are as sacred as the swimming pool at Chase Field.

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as a Texas Rangers season ticket holder, tonight was the last straw for me. How and why in the world would Ron Washington bring Nefti Feliz into the game to pitch in the 8th inning(with the bases loaded), with the game on the line. Feliz has a history of control issues, and he hasn’t been in that type of situation in 2 years, having just come off of Tommy John surgery.. I don’t get it, when you have one of the best setup guys in the game(Scheppers) who you could bring in. Ron Washington’s decisions lately have me very confused. Gentry gets 4 hits last night and is rewarded by sitting the bench tonight. I think it’s time we part ways with Ron Washington, thank him for what he has done, and say bye..

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