No concerns about Washington’s job

Manager Ron Washington said he has no fears about his job. General manager Jon Daniels said Washington should have no concerns about his job.

Daniels said he “fully expects” Washington to be back as manager next season.

There was some stuff said on a radio station today but it really wasn’t news. Washington isn’t in any danger of losing his job because of the Rangers recent slump.

“There is no substance to it,” Daniels said.


The bottom line on the team’s performance should put everything on the table. We knew they weren’t as good as their best winning streak, and they are not as bad as they appear now. But, we need significant change, and it isn’t coming from the farm for next year.

No one wants to play the blame game here so i will stop short of doing so, but this is not on Washington this season. You can draw your own conclusions. But there is Someone else here who is much more deserving Of the credit for this. No one will point him out because of some recent successes but we know who the culprit is.

Give us a stronger hint.

Does the last name begin with”D?”

I will play the blame game. After the fiasco of bringing in Feliz with the bases loaded last night, and siitting Murphy on the bench after getting 4 hits the night before, I thin k it’s time for a makeover. Sorry Wash, thanks for what you’ve done, , bye bye..

Wash ain’t the one who needs to go. The little no-baseball-playing-background snarky yankee %$(*^%$ who “fully expects” Wash will be back is the one who does.

Johnny my man, thanks for not making ME say it.

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