Soto to catch Darvish; Pierzynski at DH

Geovany Soto will be behind the plate for Yu Darvish’s start Monday against the Pirates. He will hit seventh behind left-hander Mitch Moreland. A.J. Pierzynski will remain in the lineup as the designated hitter batting fifth behind Adrian Beltre.

Jim Adduci will start in left field and hit eighth. Leonys Martin remains in the ninth spot against right-handed pitcher Gerrit Cole. 


Re: Darvish and maybe Ross … tired arms actually feel better throwing breaking balls; but they aren’t strong enough to control them.

The first crack in the armor of YU has raised its head. Now who has the cajones to write and ask the questions that needs to be ask. God forbid he has a bad night.

Mike you sound like a fan who’s happy to see that so called crack in Yu’s armour,
Darvish is far from perfect, and there is definitly some development still needed here, but make no mistake about it, Darvish is a special an very unique tallent, -( Probably the best pitcher in a Rangers uniform since Nolan Ryan )- and is one of a handful of starters with true ace potential so its just kind of funny to see so many so called Rangers fans and announcers looking to be critical of the young man while he tries to work through his issues, there are developmental hurdles which all young starters must overcome before reaching their potential, its just to bad some fans ignore that fact before rushing to judgement.
The guy has received almost no run support in half his starts, but no one is commenting or writing articles about that, but we’re looking for someone with cajones enough to pile on when his issues are already under a very powerful microscope.

No fan appreciates YU’s physical talent to throw a baseball more than I. His arrogance though shows through every time there is the least amount of trouble on the field. His immaturity Is not what fans expect from a pitcher who is performing in the major leagues for millions of dollars and has pitched in Japan for 5 years with much success. What YU is going through is a ‘failure to adjust’ to hitters from a baseball perspective. He also needs to adjust/respect reporters, fans, and co workers. Aces’ don’t turn their backs on their catcher and especially their coaches when the come to the mound. He needs to learn to take criticism, he needs to lighten up on himself and learn to respect other peoples considerate opinions and instructions. All we want is to WIN the game. When the catcher or a coach or the manager or even a position player comes to the mound he has something say to ‘right the ship’ and YU needs to start listening and make the change..

The players who have hurt YU at the plate are looking fastball because the other stuff is too nasty and usually not in the strike zone. YU needs to start listening to people who are trying to tell him he does not need 11 pitches to get major league hitters out in the USA. Forget Japan and start listening and respecting others. Yu needs to make the adjustment and he will be just fine.

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