Rangers release Manny Ramirez

The Rangers announced they have released Manny Ramirez. He spent his entire time with the organization in Triple-A Round Rock. Ramirez hit .259 with three home runs and 13 RBIs in 30 games with Round Rock.

“Based on our evaluation, there was not a spot for manny on the club at this time,” Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said. “We released him so he could pursue other opportunities if he so chooses.”



The Rangers were using Ramirez, just in case. Let’s remember they brought him on board for a reason and would have used him if it became necessary! Just like Nellie will be used for the playoffs. Not sure why Daniels is being coy about whether Nellie comes back for playoffs or not. I still don’t understand why Nellie didn’t appeal and play for the rest of this season and throughout the playoffs. I wouldn’t leave 2.2 million on the table, nor would I miss the season. This is why Selig is a fool. The main or chief violator is still playing baseball and will play throughout the playoffs. Lets all not be naïve IT IS ABOUT WINNING GAMES and as Malcom X said, “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.”

No one and I repeat NO ONE cares how you conduct yourself. It is all about winning, putting rear ends in the stands to buy that $6.50 Beer. Does anyone on here realize that alcohol is a drug, a Central Nervous System Depressant? If Baseball is so against PED’S then how is it they are paid huge advertising dollars to sell that beer, which results in far more deaths through liver disease and intoxicated driving assaults and manslaughters, not too mention the idiots that fall out of the stands from severe intoxication. Yes Atlanta you are going to get your butt’s sued for overserving that guy who recently fell to his death. At least, the PED’S are only hurting themselves not others!

The Newark bears are looking to sign manny

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