Nolan Ryan speaks in dugout…Garza, Washington, his future

Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan was in the dugout before Saturday’s game with Astros and answering questions from the media..

On his team: “This is an interesting ballclub. About the time you think we’re upside down, they come roaring back. We had a setback with the (Nelson Cruz) situation and we go out and get a quality bat with veteran experience. I feel really good where we are and what we’ve accomplished.”

If the Rangers should be considered the division front-runners… “I don’t know if we’re the frontrunners because you’re always just one injury away. We’d like to think we have the majority of our injuries behind us and can stay healthy down the stretch. But I feel better about our ballclub than I did a week ago or prior to getting Matt Garza.”

On his situation and future as Rangers CEO: “Things have settled down and I feel good about the ballclub and the way things are going. You just get through each season and see how you feel and how your health is. Do I anticipate changes… no.”

On Ron Washington: “The thing I love most about Ron as a manager is he takes whatever ballclub you give him and makes the most of it. He gets the players to believe in themselves and playing hard every day. I’m thrilled with the job Ron has done.”

On signing Matt Garza beyond this season: “It’s hard to say. You have to evaluate the ballclub and the market. It’s hard for me to speculate at this point.”


And how many championships does Nolan have? If his son offers him a role down there, then I believe he is gone. When he goes, will the Rangers do away with the Nolan Ryan Hot Dogs. Those things aren’t that good folks…

With the high definition televisions and the up close camera angles being provided, would someone please tell me how is it that MLB allows guys like Joe Nathan and Cliff Lee to have all kinds of stuff on their ball caps? If we really are against cheating then lets get rid of it all. I would really like to see his hat checked. There is stuff all over it and that is illegal. Both him and Cliff Lee are the two most offenders… While I like Nathan, and he has good numbers, his days are numbered as the closer on this team. He is too shaky! He cost us last year and he will again if Washington allows it. Hopefully Feliz will return, if doesn’t then Scheppers or Ogando work for me.

First of all Super Dave you were dumb as a rock when you were on TV but this shows things don’t get better with age. Who the heck cares where Nolan is next year…he’s here this year and a number of us like that.

But your second post is even worse. Have you rewritten MLB rules….because it’s not illegal to have resoin or pine tar on your hat or your glove….what an idge!

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