Wednesday afternoon….Berkman hitting

Wednesday afternoon at Angel Stadium. Lance Berkman is taking rearly batting practice. So is A.J. Pierzynski, who is not in the lineup on Wednesday night. The temperature is 82 degrees and the skies are blue. They always are here in Orange County, even with the smog shrouding the mountains to the north.

Good day to spend 45 minutes in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Or taking early batting practice.


I think AJ needs to stay in the lineup as a DH if necessary. RW is falling all over himself for the speed game…

Hey T.R.

Any word on this Rios claim? how hard are the rangers pushing for this thing?

Tough one. We may be better off without him, now. There is alot to be said for momentum.

Who would have thought that putting speed guys in the leadoff and second batting position for stealing bases, utilizing the hit and run, bunting and sacrificing would be successful. This team does not have a pure # 3 hitter, sadly Kinsler is the only one who currently fits there. Ole WASH’S flat out refusal to try new things almost cost us. Martin is going to be the best all around player on this team for awhile and the near future. He is a 5 tool player. I am not that old, but lets play some “Billy Ball” and I don’t mean Billy Beane….. Let’s utilize the top of the order to put pressure on the other team, run until well they throw at you. That is when you know you got to them… Then run some more. Become a hated opponent. Run to win as Lombardi said……

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