Lewis to have right hip surgery

Colby Lewis is going to surgery on his right hip and will not return this season. Lewis is hoping to be ready next season and pitch for the Rangers. The hip has been a problem for some time and has possibly caused other injuries. Lewis has a bone spur that needs to be removed.

“I got to get it done give myself another shot of pitching in the big leagues,” Lewis said. “I’d love to pitch for the Rangers again.”


Good guy; wish him well. But, let’s not make any more long range plans with Lewis in the 1 thru 4 rotation slots, and the 5th slot should be for developing talent. Sorry.

Lewis’s fastball was clocked at 86 MPH. He wasn’t going to be called up with the lack of speed, so he took the easy way out. I don’t really understand why he didn’t get that issue taken care of when he went under the knife to begin with. Why wait?

Maybe having to come back from 2 surgeries at the same time would have been tough??? IDK, but I was thinking the same thing.

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