Rangers DFA Adam Rosales

The Rangers have designated infielder Adam Rosales for assignment. The Rangers did so to make room for an extra outfielder, calling up Engel Beltre and Joey Butler from Triple A Round Rock. This likely means that the Jurickson Profar experiment in the outfield is over.


….which is what Ron Washington has said in the last week.

Wonder why they picked up Rosales in the first place, instead of leaving Engel Beltre here or calling up Joey Butler.

So tell me again why we need 5 outfielders; or three outfielders and a couple of AAA guys to carry bags on road trips?

The Rangers are carrying 5 outfielders for the same reason that most teams do. Depth. Who would you rather see on the roster?

Also because Ron Washington platoons his outfielders…often in the same game. Get over it …the AAA players are all we have.

Are the Rangers so upset at Cruz that they have stopped selling his jersey’s, the boomstick hot dog? You know the hot dog that looks like it is on steroids?

TEX picked up Rosales in order for Profar to DH along with Beltre, Andrus and Kinsler the DH rotation that looks to be the long term solution to lacking a designated designated hitter. With Rosales departure TEX will continue the Profar+friends DH rotation with Jeff Baker as the UIF. When Profar is DH … Baker is backup for all but SS making it the only spot ‘without a net’.

The move not only keeps the hot hitters in the lineup but gives them days off … it also makes room for an extra OF/bench bat. IMO this is a far better setup than a 1-dimensional non-position player DH setup.

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