Players will welcome back Cruz

Nelson Cruz spoke to his teammates on Monday. It was an emotional meeting. When he was done speaking, David Murphy was the first of many to respond. The Rangers will welcome Cruz back for the playoffs if they make it that far.

The Rangers support for Cruz is exactly the same as it was for manager Ron Washington in 2010 when he had to tell them about failing a drug test.

“We’re going to stand behind Nellie,” Murphy said.


How do we get rid of PEDs if the players continue to support these cheaters? Hopefully management will not bring him back. He has let every kid in town down and the entire Ranger organization.

Just heard A-Rod’s hearing is scheduled for November or December. If that is the case, and the hearing wouldn’t be until then why wouldn’t Cruz appeal pocket 2.2 million and keep on playing? Is he just embarrassed and wanted to move on? Sure looks like he didn’t discuss this with any attorney’s or the Rangers organization. In my opinion that would have been the smart move here. You know your punishment going in, the most you could get is 50 games for Cruz, why not at least postpone that until next year and or maybe even get it reduced or thrown out all together.

Cruz’s lame excuse, I had an intestinal virus, lost 40 pounds and needed to gain strength and weight. Translation, I was in a contract year and needed to produce, so I could get a long term deal and get a max contract….Pure and simple the truth folks. Having said that, I want Nellie back. The Rangers have to be loving this, they want him back also, but they are going to lowball him and get him at the price they want. Bet on it….

Are the Rangers so upset that they have suspended the sale of the boomstick hot dog? You know the one that looks like it is on steroids?

Got to be better all around alternatives to Nellie’s boom stick. Don’t want him back, or Josh Hamilton.

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