Nelson Cruz accepts suspension

Nelson Cruz has accepted his 50-game suspension for violating Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program in relation to the Biogenesis investigation. Cruz would be eligible to return with the Rangers if they make the postseason. The All-Star outfielder has 27 home runs this season, tied for fourth in the Major League.

“I have been notified by the Commissioner of Major League Baseball that I have been suspended for 50 games for violation of the Joint Drug Agreement,” Cruz said in a statement. “I have decided to accept this suspension and not exercise my rights under the Basic Agreement to appeal. From November, 2011 to January, 2012, I was seriously ill with a gastrointestinal infection, helicobacter pylori, which went undiagnosed for over a month. By the time I was properly diagnosed and treated, I had lost 40 pounds. Just weeks before I was to report to spring training in 2012, I was unsure whether I would be physically able to play. Faced with this situation, I made an error in judgment that I deeply regret, and I accept full responsibility for that error. I should have handled the situation differently, and my illness was no excuse. I am thankful for the unwavering support of my family, friends, and teammates during this difficult time. I look forward to regaining the trust and respect of the Rangers organization, my teammates, and the great Rangers’ fans, and I am grateful for the opportunity to rejoin the team for the playoffs.”

Cruz switched agents Monday from ACES, which also represent other players tied to the Biogenesis scandal, to Adam Katz according to’s Jon Heyman. He will be a free agent at the end of the season.

The Rangers issued this statement regarding Cruz’s suspension:
“The Texas Rangers are disappointed that Nelson Cruz has violated the terms of Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program resulting in his suspension. The Rangers’ organization fully supports the MLB program and its efforts to eliminate performance-enhancing substances from our game. Per the protocol outlined in Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement, the Rangers will have no further comment.”


Refreshing to see a player provide an explanation, not an excuse, admit it was an error, accept the penalty, apologize and move on. While a huge error in judgement, Nelson proved he has integrity by being honest about his mistakes. Sad that this is a rare approach in sports these days.

Blackball his ass. His selfish behavior just tanked Texas’ season. No ‘trust and respect’ coming from me, Nelly. Get bent.

We will miss some home runs, but not enough to resign him for next year. In the short term, if Gentry is the immediate net replacement, the outfield defense will be better.

Cruz is a great guy. I hope he does well in the future. Honesty is good, and more players should follow this example instead of making excuses.

Nelly is still the man in my book……. Hate he made the choices that he did. But how many of us have never done anything we later regreted, Often the only difference is that everybody knows it when they get caught, while we are able to log on to message boards and offer our dignified opinions under the cloak of privacy, with no one knowing the sorted details of OUR past transgressions …….I will make no excuses for Nelly and I like the fact that Nelly is not making them either.
….what I will say is give the guy a chance to redeem himself just as many of us have been afforded chances.

I love Nellie, but his excuse is garbage and makes him look like a coward and child athlete. Here is the truth folks. He was in the last year of his contract and he wanted to go out with huge numbers so he could get a max contract from someone. This is all about the money folks, pure and simple, you hit home runs, drive in runs, you make more money….Period end of story. The Rangers are loving this, because they want Nellie back, but they can use this as leverage to get a shorter deal and for less money than what it would have cost if he had not of been caught. You want to be a man, be a stand up guy? Then when he was confronted in Spring Training, tell your story then? He should have went to MLB self reported, got this over before the All-Star break, especially if he was just going to folk like a piece of paper and accept the punishment doled out.. His initial denial, cost him and the Rangers.

He was not in the final year of his contract when he used – so to say it is about money is wrong. Nellie has been paid, and will still get a nice pay day. I hardly think he is struggling to provide for his family.

I don’t believe the excuse, but I do believe he was sick. I was sick for a month after he misplayed the ball in right field against the Cardinals.

Also, I highly doubt the rangers are “loving this” – they would much rather have his bat in the lineup.

Hey James, it is always about the money and getting as much of it as you can. Cruz was and is a late bloomer, so the next deal he was planning to get was going to have to be a good one. Because their wasn’t going to be another one. Cruz gambled and it cost him. He will re-sign with the Rangers for less money than what he would have gotten, if this had not occurred. The RANGERS are NOTORIOUS for low balling players. They loved Josh, AT THAT PRICE, before free-agency! They will love CRUZ at a shorter contract for less money than what he would have got IF HE HAD NOT BEEN CAUGHT. I love Nellie want him back. To think the Rangers aren’t glad that they can get him on the cheap side for less years, is just naïve.

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