Stand down….Deadline has passed…no Rangers trades

The Trade Deadline has passed and no deals are going down for the Rangers. Writers have been told to stand down….



Well lets hope the rangers can sling an extension to cruz and get him to appeal until 2014. if not we might as well have thrown away the season

Wait a minute before you boo. Better not to trade than to trade in desperation. In the past, this team has traded just to be trading. While I’d love to see Giancarlo here, that wasn’t going to happen. Let’s be realistic. JD should be applauded for not making a stupid trade just because it was deadline time.

Like giving up 4 top 20 prospects in our system for 3 months of garza which may or may not even see time in the playoffs?

I agree with Taylor, Jon Daniels doesn’t need to be applauded for one thing at this point. I think its time to remove our heads from his behind and hold him accountable for the job that he does just like we would anyone else,, He did nothing to help his team during this past off seasdon, as he had possibly the worst off season of any GM in MLB, and now this Rape off a trade with the cubs, he is looking more and more like a glorified farm director by the day, there is just more to building a Champion team than the assembly of a top notch farm system, you have to be able to translate that talent to on field production by.
1) graduation to the big league lever or.
2) through trades that extract usuable pieces that perform at a championship level
Jon has done an outstanding job of assembling assets, turning those assets into championships is the next step, and he has to do a better job as GM ( not just farm director ) in order for that to happen.
I will applaud him at that point.

So, you feel that Daniels presiding over far and away the best era in franchise history is what? Coincidence or blind luck?

What is a “Rape off”? Sounds like a highly inappropriate contest.

Do you do anything other than scan message boards for misselled words while searching for other portions of that comment for things to take out of context ? LMAO

I did not refer to the Rangers success as coincidence or blind luck. Why oh Why must I suffer along with you ?

Yes JD has done a great job in presiding over the Rangers for the past few years, the Rangers are fortunate to have him as their GM………. That doesn’t mean I have to blindly agree with every transaction that he makes, as though he is incapable of being wrong,

I don’t believe he has done a very good job with some of his more recent transactions.
Hefe: if you feel that he has I’m ok with that. I like the passion that you obviously have the team. ( My God has it been quiet around here lately ). I believe that putting a great farm sysem together is a very important part of constructing a Championship team, but in order to reach ultimate goal, we have to recognize the necessity of translating the assets which are on the farm into legitmate major league value. And this trade with Cubs does not do that.
Lighten up man …… Its ok for two Rangers fans to disagree.

Misspelled. Sorry another Typo.

Think Daniels was right not to throw more youngsters at the mediocre bats that were available, but do we have enough to win? I doubt it.

Oh, no. I disagree with waaaay more stuff than I respond to. I don’t generally harp on grammar, misspellings, punctuation etc because I’m not great in that arena myself but I couldn’t pass that typo up. It was the perfect combination of hilarious and disturbing.

I think the Rangers overpaid on Garza but not egregiously so.

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