Trade Deadline: One day to go and it’s quiet?

“I’m not expecting much to come to pass before the deadline. We’ll see.”
General manager Jon Daniels, Tuesday afternoon

Wonder if Wednesday will pass as quietly as Tuesday….
Let’s see….
How quiet is it?
Lance Berkman is on the disabled list and it appears he’s close to calling it a career. With each passing day it appears more likely that he has played his last game for the Rangers.

Nelson Cruz was in the Rangers lineup on Tuesday but that is also a tenuous day-to-day proposition. The Rangers are braced for a 50-game suspension at some point and it seems like it will come down in the next few days. But nobody really knows for sure. But it seems likely to happen soon.

People keep pushing the return of Michael Young even though Phillies GM Ruben Amaro said the chances of him being traded is “pretty remote.”

But then, the Rangers have always specialized in bringing back their former stars for one more lap around the track.

Daniels doesn’t sound optimistic about a trade but that could change in 24 hours. It’s hard to imagine him going quietly at a Trade Deadline. One report said the Rangers are willing to talk about everybody. No word yet how many people read that and called to talk about Yu Darvish.

The Rangers and the White Sox have appear to be no longer talking about Alex Rios. Maybe that will change on Wednesday and the Deadline draws near. Or the Rangers make another run at Hunter Pence.

Manny Ramirez is fading in the rear view mirror and that’s saying something given the Rangers need for hitting.
Oh, by way. Two of the Rangers best prospects were placed on the disabled list on Tuesday. Outfielder Lewis Brinson was hit in the head by a pitcher and Jario Beras suffered a broken hamate bone in his left hand. Beras is down for 6-8 weeks. Remember he had to serve his own one-year suspension because he lied about his age.

There was a time when losing two top Minor League prospects to injury would be big news for the Rangers. Now they are just footnotes along with Joey Gallo, Zach Cone and Kevin Mathews.

Minor storms compared to the potential big ones on the horizon.

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