Scheppers assaulted in Cleveland Thursday night

The Rangers revealed on Saturday that Tanner Scheppers was assaulted on the streets of Cleveland sometime Thursday night. Scheppers, from out of nowhere, was punched by a group of young men in the left eye. He went down hard and the group scattered. Scheppers was not robbed. He suffered a contusion and bruised eye and was unavailable to pitch on Friday. Scheppers said he is available Saturday. He experienced a headache afterwards but a medical exam showed no signs of a concussion. The police were contacted but Scheppers did not file a report. The incident took place in downtown Cleveland a few blocks from the Rangers team hotel while Scheppers was out getting dinner after the team arrived from Texas.


Cleveland is such a piece of sh!t city

Jon Daniels needs to be left in Cleveland

I thought “reporters”, so called “journalists” were supposed to verify the story before putting them out. Looks like their is more to this than meets the eye, literally…

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