Latest on Garza…what’s the hold up

Apparently a trade for Matt Garza by the Rangers has been held up because the Cubs had some questions about one of the players they were getting in return. According to Major League sources the questions weren’t major but “fair” concerns.

The two sides are considering alternative ways to make the deal. Nothing is imminent. It could happen. It may not, according to sources.,

THe Cubs could also trade him to another team.

No word which player raised the concerns but Mike Olt has been dealing with some vision issues earlier in the season although they appear to have cleared up. Pitcher Neil Ramirez, who has also been mentioned, has had to deal with some minor shoulder issues lately.


Why has Ramirez who has taken an eternity to develop and is still at AA even considered an important part of this deal?

He may or may not be bro. Just chill

Have you seen him throw? Grade A cheese

Because he throws in the mid to high 90’s and has a big league breaking ball. If the Rangers had made the decision to develop him as a two pitch reliever rather than a starter, he’d likely be in the big league bullpen right now. Maybe the Cubs scouts view him as a potential set up man or closer. Who knows? But the fact is that a guy with that kind of stuff and has struck out more than a batter per inning in the high minors still has value at age 24.

He was never protected from the rule 5 draft though and he still isn’t on the 40 man. Surely some other team would have gone with the relief route and snagged him during the rule 5 if he had that kind of power arm.

Isn’t he a minor league free agent anyways after this season? I think this is his 6th year.

Ramirez was put on the 40 man roster in 2011 and is still there.

My bad….I looked it up and somehow skipped over his name.

Appears that Olt’s vision problems may have deminished his value to anyone. Striking out three times in a game just prior to a potential trade sure didn’t help.

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