The Latest from the Garza Strip

So Neil Ramirez is pitching for Double Frisco, Mike Olt is in the starting lineup at Triple A Round Rock and Luis Sardinas already has two at-bats for Class A Myrtle Beach. So is a deal for Cubs pitcher Matt Garza is imminent, well they haven’t told or pulled some of the most-mentioned names.

That is if they are trading medical reports or if the deal has “hit a snag” depending on the latest Tweet. Maybe nothing will happen tonight since there is a Pearl Jam concert at Wrigley Field tonight that apparently Cubs boss Theo Epstein doesn’t want to miss.

Latest word received from Rangers front office: “nothing to report.”

That doesn’t stop some people.

Derek Holland is ready to throw the first pitch for the Rangers.

Basehit, Nate McLouth


Olt,Ramirez,Sardinas and CJ Edwards
That package should bring David Price to town.
Hopefully somebody in the Rangers brain trust has a moment of clarity soon and convinces JD to walk away from this fiasco in waiting.
Yes Garza is a good pitcher,and has a good playoff resume, but the guy has been in the NL the past 2 years, has a bum wing, can’t stay off of the DL to save his life, not to mention being a free agent after the season, and would not provide compensation should he walk in free agency.
Add all this to fact that Garza should in no way be viewed as the piece that places us in position as front runners for a WS title. We simply have too many holes on this roster to be loading up the truck for this guy,Are you going to back the truck up to fill every hole the team has ?
Yes it makes us a better team, but the goal is not just to be better,but to win it all
And If you’re parting with that package you darn sure better win it all.
JD loses a lot of built up credit with me if he allows Theo and Jed fleece him like this.

Your not getting 2+ years of Price without Including one or more of Perez, Profar, Scheppers, Ross, Luke Jackson etc.. and, he’s not been as good as Garza this season.

If they give up all four of those players for Garza and Garza alone it is a fleecing. I’d be stunned if that’s what happens.

Garza. Has that been said enough today?


I’m in no way saying bring Price or any other arm in in this situation, point is this team is not constructed to win it all, let’s not fool ourselves, we have as good of a record this year because a certain which will remain nameless is in our division this year to provide 15 easy wins to our total.
Last year we wouldn’t trade Mike Olt straight up for Zach Grienke, and we had a much better team, remember Josh Hamilton, Mike Napoli and Michael Young were here providing run support. And a healthy Matt Harrison Yu Darvish, Mike Adams,Alexi Ogando and Koji Uehara pitching, But we played small ball at the deadline with that team, Now we got no shot and we’re ready to give this package up Matt freaking Garza for Gods sake !!!!!!!
Anybody who thinks this a good deal has to be crazy.
Hefe I have a lot of respect for your opinions, but I hope you don’t actually think it would take that package to get David Price here, I hope you don’t really mean that,
Are you saying you think it would be wise to pull the trigger on this deal, These 4 kids for Garza and a throw in ?
I just want you to go on record saying its a good deal so I can remind you of what you said after the whole thing blows up on us.

A certain team is in our division to provide 15 easy wins.

“Are you saying you think it would be wise to pull the trigger on this deal, These 4 kids for Garza and a throw in ?” – No. Best case scenario the throw in is Russell who is pretty young and controllable through 2015 but is a lefty specialist only. Those guys aren’t that hard to come by so he doesn’t add a ton of value to the deal as far as I’m concerned.

“I just want you to go on record saying its a good deal so I can remind you of what you said after the whole thing blows up on us.” – If/When they make a deal I’ll come back here and give you my honest opinion of it.

For the record, I kind of liked the Danks/McCarthy deal at the time it wend down so my record in these matters is far from unblemished.

“I hope you don’t actually think it would take that package to get David Price here” I absolutely do and I can’t understand why anybody wouldn’t. He’s a 3 time All-Star, Cy Young winner, 27 years old work horse who is under control through the 2015 season…guys like that don’t get traded. If it were to happen it would take a staggering amount of talent to acquire him.

Look at what the Rays got for James Shields whose career ERA is a half a run higher than Price’s and is almost 4 years older. They got one of the most elite prospects in the game, Wil Myers (Profar) one of the best pitching prospects Jake Oderizzi (Perez).

What I don’t like about the whole thing is that I think we’re kidding ourselves if we think this trade makes any real difference in the seasons outcome, we have as goog a record as we have because prior to the start of season the baseball Gods gift wrapped 15 wins for us and sat them on our front door, now we think we have a legitimate shot at going deep into the playoos, IMO you don’t rent players unless that player is a piece that helps you win everything,that’s clearly is not the case here.
What gets me is we had a good team last season,which could have used a Grienke, but we ( reportedly ) refused to include Olt in a deal for Grienke and now all this for a injury plagued pitcher on a hot streak. Just doesn’t make any since to me.
I don’t like making trades just for the sake of making them. And this would be a real bad one.
Hefe, I’ll give you a pass on the Danks/McCarthy deal. What I don’t want to do is give JD a pass on it. JD now has a growing list of bad trades on his resume as GM, with a few good ones sprinkled in.
On the good side
1. Texeiara / Harrison,Andrus,Feliz
2. Volquez / Hamilton
3. Fransisco / Napoli
4.Cordero,Mench / Lee,Cruz

On the bad side
1. Gonzalez,Young / Otsuka,Eaton
2. Danks / McCarthy
3. C Davis,Hunter / Koji

What would make this bad is the circumstances involved here. Average team in buy mode

5. David Murphy/Gagne
6. Cliff Lee, Mark Lowe/Beavan, Smoak, Leuke
7. Bengie Molina/Main, Ray

As for your “growing list” it seems to have experienced quite a stagnant period since 2006. I’ll take a bad one every 5 years in exchange for a constant search for improvement.

People who don’t understand roster limitations are always going to cry over the Chris Davis spilled milk but the fact is he wouldn’t have made the 2011 team and would’ve been lost to a waiver claim for nothing. Show me a player who doesn’t break out until his 5th year in the majors and I’ll show you a player that’s not on his original team when that happens.

Harp about the Astros all you like but the fact is that there are weak teams all over baseball the get beat up on for easy wins. The AL West still has a better overall win% than 3 out of the other 5 divisions in baseball. The Astros are but 1 of 5.

.500 is average. This is a club 10 games over despite dealing with a horrific amount of injuries to key performers.

2012 team with regard to Davis.

As I have said, the team is simply not playing well enough to Justify doing this type of deal, they have scored 2 runs in the last 18 innings, and have looked bad in doing so, Bringing Garza in doesn’t fix their offense,
Records mean very little to me, what’s important is how the team is playing, and is a trade of this type what is needed at this time. I’m not here to depate the performance of our GM or any other issue besides this potential trade. Nobody is ready to give up on the season, and I’m certainly not saying that we should be sellers, but its important to be realistic about what kind of team we have here, the win total of every AL West team is slightly inflated this season because of the pressence of a certain minor league team 280 miles to the south. unless Mr Garza is able to drive in some runs while restoring health to our injured troops, to go along with pitching lights out baseball, adding him is going to be far less than what is needed to take us where we need to go.
I am still waiting for someone to give a legitimate reason or reasons why this rumored trade is what this team in this situation needs . I could understand it a little better if we had a team like the ones we had in 2010,11 or 12, however we do not. But we are proceeding as though we do.
I saw where the Rockies GM stated that his team would not make trades for rental players, I agree with that philosophy to a degree, I’m all for it in the right situation, just not in this case.

5 runs in 18 innings

“Records mean very little to me” – Well, maybe someday playoff spots will be awarded based on feeling, perceptions and other intangibles but this year as in the past 100+, wins and losses are all that matter.

There’s no debate that they’re playing bad baseball right now. There’s also no debating that it’s a long season and streaks like this occur in every one of them.

After 97 games the 2010 Giants were 54-43, 2 games out of first, the exact circumstances the Rangers find themselves in this morning. In 2011 after 97 games the Cardinals had just lost 7 of their last 10 and were only 3 games above .500 in an overall bad division even with a 106 loss Astros team in their division to beat up on.

If recent baseball past has taught us anything it’s that getting hot at the right time means everything. Much more than a random stretch in the middle of the summer.

“5 runs in 18 innings” – Come on, are you really trying to use a 2 game sample in the middle of a season to try and make a coherent point about the overall fate of a 162 game season? You’re better than that.

I could just as easily point out that they’re batting .311 as a team over those two games and have scored 4 runs in their last 3 innings. It’s also a tiny sampling that means nothing significant over the course of 162.

“I am still waiting for someone to give a legitimate reason or reasons why this rumored trade is what this team in this situation needs” –

Reason 1: Ross ####### Wolf started last night.

Reason 2: Justin Grimm managed to make it more than halfway through the season with a 7.85 ERA in his last 13 starts. Where do you think this team would be with Matt Garza having made those starts? Probably in first place in the AL West, I’m guessing because he is a massive upgrade over the worst starter the Rangers are having to run out their now.

Reason 3: Pitching wins championships. The bullpen is rock solid right now with Soria and Cotts on board. A stretch drive and playoff rotation of Darvish, Holland, Garza and some combination of Lewis, Ogando or Perez isn’t going to need a lot of runs to win ballgames.

Well maybe some day playoff spots will be awarded based on feelings, perceptions and intangibles, but this year as in the past 100 + years, wins and losses are all that matter. “”””””””””

Of course playoff positions will be awarded based on won loss records. No debate there, and wins and losses are all that matter, just Not at the 97 game mark. It is important to note that for every team that won / loss record at the 97 game mark had them outside of the playoffs only to see them recover in the second half of the season and make the playoffs, there is another team that had a better won / loss record than that story book team at the that same 97 game mark and they didn’t make it to post season play. So Yes wins and Losses are all that matter, AT THE END OF THE REGULAR SEASON. At the 97 game mark careful evaluation of your teams realistic chances are what is needed to determine if you
1) Have all of the eliments needed to get to the playoffs.
2) Have all of the eliments needed to ultimately win the WS championship.
3) If it would be wise to mortgage some of the future in order to place your team in position to get to the playoffs with realistic expectations of winning the WS
4 ) Does your current team simply have too many glaring weaknesses,making it unrealistic to think that adding one piece to your team will make difference in ultimate outcome of your season.
And that careful evaluation can not be based upon going back two or three years and using Won / loss records at specific junctions in a given season as the primary tool used in making those evaluation, while dismissing the fact that those story book teams you compare your team to looked absolutely nothing like your own team currently does.

After 97 games the 2010 Giants were 54-43, 2 games out of first, the exact same circumstance the Rangers find themselves in this morning.””””””””””””””””””””””””””

You’re starting to sound more and more like Jerry Jones all the time. Jerry said almost the exact same thing 2 years ago after the NY won the 2011 Super Bowl after sneaking into the playoffs with a regular season record that was comparable to that of his own team. The problem with simply using regular season records as a barometer to compare one team to another is that it fails to account fot other variables that are essential to reaching the correct conclusions, there is no way any astute baseball fan can compare the Rangers of 2013 to the 2010 SF Gaints team that won the WS if they use any other barometer to compare those two teams other than Won / loss records and position in the standings. The 2010 Giants had a team without any glaring weaknesses, in fact they were so well rounded that they were actually able to assume the role of seller that season, sending us Bengie Molina in a trade deadline deal,
While we assume the position of buyer in a sellers market in 2013,
they had a rotation that included
Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum and Madison Baumgarner. 3 aces. While we have a rotation that includes One starter who is pitcher well ( Holland ). One starter who has 1 win in the past 7 weeks, and cant figure out if he is a power pitcher or a soft tosser ( Darvish ) One starter trying to make the transition from the minor leagues to the Majors, in a pennant drive ( Perez ) Three injury riddled starters who can’t stay off the disabled list if their life depended on it Lewis,Harrison and Ogando whom you expect to suddenly make some combination veteran starting pitching we can count on to round things out even though they haven’t been here all year long, two rookie starters who have the look of a deer when he is staring into headlights on a cold winters morning, and you want to adress the problem by bringing in yet another injury riddled #3 starter who has been healthy enough to make exactly 11 starts all year + 18 starts all last year,( yes that should fix everything up just fine), and you want to use our rock solid bullpen as justification while overlooking the fact that we can’t consistently score enough runs to get to the 7th inning with a lead for that rock solid bullpen to protect, all of this does not matter, but we need to make ill advised trades that will take us no where because we have the same record as the 2010 WS Chapion SF Giants, Brilliant !!!!!!!!

In 2011 after 97 games the Cardinals had just lost 7 of their ladt 10 games and were only 3 games above 500 in an overall bad division even with a 106 loss Astros team in their division to beat up on.”””””””

Are you serious !!!!!!! You are trying to tell me that you don’t see the difference between the 2011 Cardinals and the 2013 Rangers ?
That Cards club had all of the eliments that you need to win it all on that team prior to having to go out and make foolish, short sighted deals to put themselves in position to win. They were capable in every facet of the game, they had a much better and healthier Rotation than ours, played flawless defense, aslo had a lights bullpen and had a lineup which included the likes of
Albert Pujols
David Freese
Alan Craig
Yadier Molina
Matt Holliday and a healthy and productive Lance Berkman. There is clearly no way you cam compare either of those teams to the current version of the Texas Rangers without subscribing to the wildly successful Jerry Jones school of thought. If that’s what you want to do, I guess that’s your right. I just happen not to agree.

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