Rangers, Cubs keep talking about Garza

The Rangers and the Cubs continue to discuss a trade that would bring pitcher Matt Garza to Texas. Among the names that have been mentioned are third baseman Mike Olt and pitchers Neil Ramirez and C.J. Edwards. The Rangers are not willing to give up pitchers Martin Perez or Luke Jackson. The Rangers would like to get a deal done that would allow Garza to pitch Saturday night against the Orioles.


Keep up the good work. Just posts. No other stuff desired via email.

Texas should give up Luke Jackson, Mike Olt & CJ Edwards for Garza. Garza is a pitcher that is a known comodity and can go against the AL East. No one has his track record against the AL. He would buy time before the other guys get off the DL

I hate to give up too much because he is a rental!

Sure gonna miss Mr Garza. Top line pitcher with the heart of a champion. He will give it all, every time. So the Cubs will sign the Domer from Indiana as a pretender ace, then sell expensive tickets to a AAA team. Cub fans sure are STUPID!

Hey John Bridges.

Your lack of baseball knowledge is stupid. Samardzija is not an ace yet but is truly electric and can have a high ceiling. Different than you just being high and trolling message boards.

Pass on Garza is the ask is too high, we don’t need to overpay for rentals, We gave up Smoak
And Lawson 3 years ago to obtain the best pitcher on the planet, he was being added to a team that had all of the eliments that you look for in a WS Champion, and now we’re suppose to pay this kings ransom for a mediocore #3 starter who can’t stay off the DL because he’s on a hot streak ?

Need I remind you that Ryan Dempster was on a pretty impressive roll last year as well, Mowing down bad NL team after bad NL team,feasting on pitchers or utility inf’s 3 times per game. Only to run into very real American league lineups that punished his medioce stuff down the stretch.
You only make deals like this when the price is right, and you are adding what you believe is the final piece to the puzzle of a WS Champion, Matt freaking Garza AINT THjAT GUY !!!!!!! I don’t care about him being the top guy available, that still doesn’t make it worth paying through the nostrils for him.

In addition, anybody who thinks this current Roster is winning is all because adding Garza needs their heads examined. this would be a dissaster of a deal. We don’t need this guy

Thomas I will assume you are a Cubs fan.

He hasnt been pitching only against crap NL teams, he beat the A’s and the Cards his last two starts and pitcher deep into the game

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