Olt talks about possibility of being traded

Triple A third baseman Mike Olt, whose name has been prominently mentioned in trade discussions, talked with MLB.Com reporter Master Tesfatsion on Thursday night. Here is what he said about the possibility of being traded…

“I won’t go on Twitter. Last year, I didn’t get caught up in it, but there were times where it got to be a little crazy. You look and the guys in the locker room would look, but I won’t go on Twitter for the next couple of weeks.
Most of the things you see out there are rumors. Basically whatever happens on those social media things, generally managers aren’t trying to give away their secrets. That’s all to get people going.

“Whatever happens, I’m in a good spot. If Texas needs something, they’re going to do whatever they can to win a championship. They’re going to get it. If I’m part of that piece, then the next team I’ll have an opportunity to play there. That’s something that I look forward to if I get an opportunity like that. If not, then I’m in a good spot with Texas. I have to be up there and contribute and help them win.”

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