Ramirez, Garza, Perez

The Rangers are going to keep Manny Ramirez at Triple A Round Rock. There are no plans to bring him to the big leagues after the All-Star Game, according to sources.

The Rangers are interested in Matt Garza but they are not going to give up Martin Perez. That’s not going to happen. Maybe Neil Ramirez or Carlos Pimentel, maybe infielder Leury Garcia or Luis Sardinas.


I have wondered for several years why I never see Joey Butler’s name under consideration to be brought up. He appears to be a consistent .290 to .300 hitter at RR for some time. Why is he never considered as a DH (if he is slow or a poor fielder) or as a back up outfielder if he is adequate. Profar and Olt may be great prospects but neither have proven they can consistently hit Triple A pitching yet. He has proven this. What’s the deal

Wouldt trade Garza for all 4 of Sullivan prospets

Butler…..86 strikeouts in 297 abs. Nuff said.

Just checked one of the Cubs message boards, they think that a package of some combination on Olt, Perez and Leury Garcia is in line for Garza. They say they might be willing to exchange Perez for Lu Jack if Texas balks at including Marteen.
I find it funny how some fans view the value of their own players and disregard the value of other teams players in these situations.
I like Garza just like anybody else,but I wouldn’t start trading away my top prospects just make a splash at the trade deadline. The Rangers are not winning the WS this year, they don’t currently have a good enough roster to win it all, they’ve done it with smoke and mirrors so far , but they have far too many holes, and IMO don’t have nearly enough eliments of a WS Champion in place presently to justify making such moves. You only consider dealing your future when you feel that that deal puts the last piece of the puzzle in place, in 2011 a Garza deal would have been just what that team needed, however this is 2013 and the same deal might sink us for 2014 or 2015.

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