Happy Fourth of July…100 Cool Things About America

Happy Fourth of July – Here are 100 cool things about America – in no particular order. More after Labor Day.

100. First Amendment

99. The Smithsonian

98. The Appalachian TrailFJ1

97. Community Colleges

96. Golden Gate Bridge

95. Cajun Cooking

94. Roses

93. Rosa Park, Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez

92. Satellite Radio

91. NASA

90. Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse

89. Mississippi River

88. Public Libraries

87. Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck and Pat Conroy

86. New England Town Hall Meetings

85. Rescue Dogs

84. The LP and the CD

83. Aircraft Carriers

82. The American Red Cross

81. Civil Rights Act of 1964 and he 1965 Voting Rights Act

80. Jazz, Rock and Roll and Rhythm and BluesFJ2

79. Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette

78. Cheeseburgers

77. Title IX

76. National Science Foundation

75. Softball

74. T-shirts, blue jeans and tennis shoes

73. Doonesbury

72. Huckleberry Finn

71. The G.I. Bill

70. The Pacific Coast

69. The Founding Fathers

68. Scouting

67. The Star-Spangled Banner

66. Alaska

65. Flea and Farmers Markets, and Antique Stores

64. Route 66 and the Dixie Highway

63. Colonial Williamsburg

62. The Great Lakes

61. Bluegrass, Country & Western Music

60. Patricia Cornwell, Janet Evanovich and Sue Grafton

59. Sanitation WorkersFJ3

58. National Parks

57. Fireworks

56. Catfish

55. The Coast Guard

54. Billy Graham

53. Environmentalists

52. Jeopardy

51. The Florida Keys

50. Boys and Girls Clubs

49. Barbecue

48. Pool halls, Tailgating and Microbreweries

47. SUVs and Pick-up trucks

46. Ethnic neighborhoods and Urban Renewal

45. Silicon Valley

44. Helicopters

43. Ogallala Aquifier

42. Mary Kay

41. Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali and Jackie Robinson


39. Labor Day and Memorial Day

38. Puget Sound and Chesapeake Bay

37. PBS and NPRFJ4

36. Bald eagles

35. Monopoly

34. Mount Rushmore

33. Secretariat, Seabiscuit and John Henry

32. Robert Frost, Walt Whitman and Maya Angelou

31. The Alamo

30. Newsstands

29. California redwoods, Southern pines, New England maple and oak trees

28. Saturday Night Live

27. Freight Trains

26. Norman Rockwell

25. Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve

24. Bobby Fischer

23. Miracle on Ice

22. Small-town Festivals

21. The Purple Heart

20. National Register of Historic Landmarks

19. First Tuesday after the First Monday in November

18. Las Vegas

17. Swimming pools and SkateboardingFJ5

16. Drive-Ins, Diners and Dives

15. Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Shirley Babashoff

14. Coney Island, Atlantic City Boardwalk and the Santa Monica Pier

13. Rucker Park

12. Dr. Seuss, Sesame Street and the Muppets

11. John McCain and Robert Dole

10. The Peace Corps

9. Underground Railroad

8. County Courthouses

7. Tony, Oscar, Emmy and Grammy

6. Mall of America

5. Star Trek

4. Sturgis Bike Rally

3. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day and the Tournament of Roses Parades

2. Thomas Edison, Wright Brothers and Alexander Graham Bell

1. The Greatest Generation





Even tho’ public schools have their shortcomings, a free education for every child is still an idealistic plan for any country and no one can be denied attendance.

Jesus Christ, Christmas and Easter should there as well.


You got #1 right.

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