Daniels on trades, Soria

General manager Jon Daniels is in New York…

He said the Rangers are getting good reports about reliever Joakim Soria and hope to have him back by the All-Star break or before.

The Rangers are in the market for a starting pitcher if there is a significant upgrade. Daniels likes the young starters and are waiting to see what happens with Alexi Ogando and Colby Lewis. But Daniels did acknowledge the Rangers will consider trading for starting pitching.

Daniels said he expects ownership to support any major moves the Rangers attempt to make even if there is extra finances involved.

Daniels said the Rangers are operating with the assumption that Nelson Cruz will be their rightfielder for an extended period. They have not made any contingency plans and they have received no updates on any possible investigation by Major League Baseball.



Neffy Feliz? Never mentioned anymore.

Is he a candidate to fill a hole here? A trade asset? Or what? Someone needs to find out.

Sometimes it is best to trade when the other side needs to trade … not when you are desparate.

It is pretty much a done deal that IF Nelson Cruz were to be suspended, that Jurickson Profar would be plugged into right field. Profar may not hit as many home runs, but, he’ll be less streaky and almost as productive in other ways. Next time the Rangers are way ahead or behind look for Profar in the outfield some where. The Rangers said they are looking for an opportunity to test Profar in a live scenario in the outfield, and one thing we do know is Profar has a cannon for an arm so I would imagine an even swap of upgrade over Cruz in the outfield defensively.

Neftali Feliz is expected back after the AllStar break.

The Rangers are looking for a right handed to platoon off the bench. What about Francour? He has been designated for a assignment so in 10 days they can get him at major league minimum. He has been over exposed as an everyday player but what about as a part time player?

I’ve been out of pocket due to major health issues for awhile here on TR’s blog. 2 comments–questions: 1) I liked Dave Barnett very much on TV, and wondered what happened to him exactly (since his slurred speech last year on the TV Broadcast)—wondered what happened to him and if anyone knows (or TR) if he is ever projected returning-IF his health dictates. I was wanting to see how he was exactly. Question 2—Who is rumored to be a target for starting pitching acquistion—Yovani Gallardo, a local guy perhaps? Question 3—I can’t understand WHY the Rangers would rather stick to a “no talking contract during the season,” when they could easily lose someone for not “Nailing them down,” and I speak of Nelson Cruz, who is a Free Agent….even with the cloud he’s under, I think he wants to be here, and would sign, but think, “Well, here’s another quality/power bat we’ll lose, just because the Management won’t ‘negotiate’ during the season.” I think that policy STINKS, and unless Carlos Gonzales or Giancarlo Stanton is on the radar, WHY not sign Nelson now?

I meant 3 Questions above, not 2. Didn’t want you to think I couldn’t count…..yikes!

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