Rangers option Ortiz

The Rangers have optioned pitcher Joseph Ortiz to Round Rock. The move was made to make room for Martin Perez, who is starting tonight. One reporter said he saw lightning hit the Gateway Arch. Still raining.


Ortiz looked better this time; bodes well for him and Rangers. … Cruz, hats off to the big Cruz, and to mgr. Wash for batting him third – making for a good free agent year, except for the potential drug case.

Ortiz is not a Major league level pitcher at this time, no matter how good of a story he is ! I was disappointed when he was recalled after not proving he had earned a promotion back to the Majors. Only winning pieces are needed as we approach the second half of the season.

By the way. Were are all of the guys who thought I was crazy for wanting to let Hamilton leave with his endless list of issues ?
Their basic argument was, How will we replace his 43hrs and 130 rbi. As if we knew Hamilton himself was going to be able to do so. But Hamilton had proved to be a gutless quitter well before the 2012 season even ended, and is now following last seasons dissaster up with an equally uninspiring effertless 2013. So I ask you again. Were are you 2012 Hambone Fans ? Don’t be shy

And the truth is that most Rangers fans didn’t really have a problem with Josh until he bolted for LA and started popping of wirh his mouth, just like that trashy CJ Wilson. But he sucked like a hoover vac late last year and shouldn’t have been brought under any circumstances.

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