Kinsler working out

Second baseman Ian Kinsler, who is on the disabled list with a bruised ribcage, is taking ground balls on Monday afternoon. He and manager Ron Washington are going at it pretty good. They are doing their work at second base, not in the outfield.

Looks like the Rangers have surmised that their No. 1 priority is to get Ian Kinsler back at second base and not worry too much about what is going to happen with Jurickson Profar. What a concept.


We need to get Kinsler back as soon as possible, I love Profar also but Kinsler really makes things happen at the top of the order, its a shame that a guy has to be missing for a month before you see how much he means to the team.

Hey kinsler, give the fans a break will ya?
your just hanging out, healing up. how about spending some time on the rangers page blogging with the ranger fans.
maybe bring ryan and jd along. that would be awesome.

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