The World According To Yu

Two days before he pitches, Yu Darvish meets with the media for a few minutes. Here is what Darvish had to say through his translator Keni Nimura on Tuesday as he prepares to face Justin Verlander on Thursday at the Ballpark in Arlington.

You face Verlander in your next start…how do you view that?

“I think you know the answer.”

Was this the kind of matchup you envisioned when you decided to come to Major League Baseball and leave Japan?

“When I made the decision to come to the big leagues, I knew that I was going to be facing a lot of great pitchers. I wasn’t just thinking Verlander but there are many other great pitchers as well.”YuPerfectGame

Are these starts fun for you, maybe a little more so than some and look forward to them?

“Not particularly because I won’t be hitting against him. If that were the case I’d be looking forward to it. I’m just going to be pitching and I’m focused on pitching my game.”

What is your impression of the Tigers lineup?

“Same thing as last year, they have a lot of powerful hitters. It’s a great lineup they have.”

You’re leading the majors in strikeouts and have six wins. How do you evaluate how it’s gone so far? Any improvements?

“The number of wins and the number of strikeouts, I’m not really concerned about. That’s something I have to look back to once the season’s over. Since my ERA is not 0.00, that’s what I have to improve on. I’m just making sure that I’m healthy to throw for the rest of the season.”

He was asked again about his strikeouts

“I’m not really too concerned about strikeouts but the rest of the people are. I’m just concerned with pitching my game and giving this team a chance to win the game.”

You faced the Tigers three times last year and this is your first this year, is there any hitter you like facing?

There’s no particular hitter I’m looking forward to facing. I’m more concerned about managing the lineup and pitching my game and giving my team a chance to win. Every game I look forward to facing every hitter, but there’s no particular hitter I’m concerned about now.”

Will this start give you an idea where you are at this stage of the season, in mid-May?

“Just because I face the Tigers with a powerful lineup doesn’t mean I’m pitching well, because there are so many different types of teams at the major league level. There are a lot of power hitters in the Tigers lineup but you have a team lineup like the Oakland A’s, they don’t have a lot of power hitters like the Tigers do. It’s a team effort. Just the fact that you shut out a Tigers lineup doesn’t mean that you’re going to win against the A’s. As a pitcher you have to adjust to each team and how you’re going to pitch against them. As a starting pitcher my main job is to stay healthy and pitch the game that I can pitch against the team that I’m facing.”


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