Kelly Gavin photos from Dog Night at the Ballpark in Arlington

DN2Every dog has his night

DN8The Rangers celebrate Adrian Beltre’s home run

DN7Don’t we all

DN3Justin Grimm on the mound

DN4Conference on the mound

DN5Leonys Martin in center

DN6Nelson Cruz steals second base

DN1The manager


That is not a picture of Leony’s Martin catching the ball in OF ~ that is Jeff Baker. Martin didn’t catch a ball in OF last night~ & that is Gentry in the background.

Actually Marsha, you are just as wrong. That is Ian, you know the guy that plays 2B, the position in front of the CF? Also the guy that wears his pants up like that. Keppinger popped out to Ian in top 7. You kids just make things up sometimes.

Yah Marsha u stoopid bich

Jeff~ I appreciate your correction~ That does make sense~ my mistake (= And Brad~ your tackless statement was classless & uncalled for ~ I am actually a lady~

Hi Marsha,



No class – the Brad. But Marsha, why the Hatred for Martin and Love for Gentry ? After all we are all Rangers fans and should want all of our guys to be as productive as possible. I know we”re living in America and you can cheer who you want and Boo who you want. …. Just a question.

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