Andrus on Boras

The eight-year contract that Elvis Andrus is getting from the Rangers defies predictions that he would be gone after 2014. Andrus is represented by Scott Boras, who has a reputation for taking his clients to free agency and not doing contract extensions to prevent that.

Andrus said it was important that he wanted to stay in Texas.

“We’re the boss,” Andrus said. “I know everybody thinks that about Scott but it’s different if you’re the one in that position. He works for us. I know he tries to get the best deal that he can but it comes down to my choice and what’s better for me and my family.”

The contract is expected to be officially announced on Thursday.



I love that about Elvis. I knew some of hismoney chasing peers will hate it though.

He has said that more than once in the last 6-12 months . Good for Elvis and good for Texas

Good on Elvis. Some of those contract extensions for people like Colby are paying off for the Rangers. Good on the front office, too.

The big E just became a leader and fan favorite; listen for the cheers at home. Go Elvis.


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