Andrus signs through 2018…rest up in the air

The Rangers have reached an agreement with Elvis Andrus through at least 2018. An announcement is expected later this week after Andrus completes his physical. The contract extension is for eight years but Andrus can be a free agent after four years.

Andrus will likely take that free agency unless something catastrophic happens. So expect this to be just a four-year extension worth $60 million. In the unlikely event Andrus does stay, the total value of the deal could reach $131 million. There is a vesting option for a ninth season.

This covers the Rangers through Andrus’ prime years. They also have second baseman Ian Kinsler signed through 2017. The Rangers still like Jurickson Profar but the Rangers don’t have to rush into a decision on his future. At some point the Rangers could make a trade or ask somebody to switch position but that isn’t something that needs to be decided now.


If Kins has another game like last night, maybe they should send him to Frisco to get his head right and let JP have a shot.

Not a big fan of either Kins or Andrus. Kinsler”s batting stroke is one dimensional – always swinging hard to get that big pop from a little guy; definitely not a leadoff type. And Andrus has a popgun swing – kind of dragging the bat thru the ball, which is probably an excellent number 2 slot hitter, but for 120 million? That kind of money should buy alot of hitting. And, what happens now to the youngster with probably more tallent than both of them? I am a fan of the front office, but strange things are happening.

I don’t think it is accurate to say that it is unlikely that he will “stay” beyond 2014. It is likely that he will opt out in 2014 so the Rangers will likely try to negotiate another extension prior to that date just like the Yanks did with Sabathia.

Jim, what are you expecting from the Rangers’ middle infield? Rogers Hornsby and A-Rod? Ian and Elvis are both top 5 in their position, possibly top 3.

Profar is barely 20 years old. He will likely be a contributor for either the Rangers or another team pretty soon, but he doesn’t need to be rushed. He’s never even played AAA ball (granted, a few prospects skip it, but it’s very rare). The Rangers now have the luxury of allowing Profar to develop in AAA if they deem it necessary, and seeing if a positional switch is in order.

Have a little patience.

Steve, he’s scheduled to have the opt-out in 2018, not 2014.

I agree with Andy. Ian and Elvis have a combined 5 All-Star selections between them. Maybe they’re not such slouches after all.

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