Sunday’s With Toby: I’m Baaack!!!

Toby BlogToby descends from a pack of wild dogs that have roamed the mystical lands of the Transvaal since the beginning of time.  He is currently wandering the majestic White Tank Mountains of Arizona keeping one eye on the baseball and the other on his food bowl.  Every Sunday he steals TR’s laptop to communicate his canine thoughts to the world and wonder whatever happened to Jason Romano?

 The Wild AL West 

— Former Ranger IF Omar Vizquel has joined the Anaheim coaching staff.   Judging by this quote from he appears to have more than just coaching on his mind: “Obviously, the final goal is to manage one day in the big leagues. It’s a very nice first step to start here, but obviously you’ve got to learn how to coach, and how to do things — a lot of paperwork, a lot of reports, situations of the game, and that’s something I really like about this game.” 

— A’s Third Baseman Josh Donaldson forgot to pack his #20 jersey for the Athletics road game against the Mariners last Thursday so he was issued jersey #98. That didn’t stop him from hitting 2 HRs on a windswept day in Peoria.  Manager Bob Melvin had this to say: “He needs some help — we’ll put it that way — with some of the non-baseball stuff,”  Melvin said. “The legend grows. It’s not a big surprise that he forgot his jersey, but he made a lot of use of No. 98.” 

— RHP Jon Garland who missed all of last season after shoulder surgery appears to be a candidate for Seattle’s rotation.  According to manager Eric Wedge: “We’re looking at him as a guy in here competing to make our club,” manager Eric Wedge said. “He’s been very impressive. I think today was his best day and he continues to push forward. As we continue to extend these starting pitchers, particularly the ones fighting to be on the ballclub, that’s important to see.” 

— Oh yeah, and the Astro’s are in the AL West too. 

Toby Barks:

 Maple Syrup vs Salsa? Soccer vs Hockey? Juarez vs Manitoba? Fernando Valenzuela vs Wayne Gretzsky? Tortillas vs Tim Horton’s?  What was going on with the brawl between Canada and Mexico during the WBC yesterday?   

One for the (ahem) older crowd:  did you stay up late enough Saturday to see Steve Martin, Dan Ackroyd, Paul Simon, Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin, Martin Short and Candace Bergen in the same sketch on Saturday Night Live?  (and how great was it to see Ackroyd and Martin reprise the Wild and Crazy guys one more time). 

Annual Rant:  Toby hates Daylight Savings Time, Toby thinks one year we should just spring ahead and never touch the time after that.  There seem to be more than a few out there who agree read here

This Weeks Birthdays:  Be Nice and Share Your Birthday With A Baseball Player

 March 10th:  Chuck Norris (frequently tweeted about by Derek Holland) allows former Blue Jay Mike Timlin and former Ranger John Cangelosi to have the same birthday.

 March 11th: Don’t worry be happy Braves IF Dan Uggla – you share a birthday with Bobby McFerrin

March 12th: is a birthday bonanza as Agent 99 Barbara Feldon, Liz with a Z Minelli and one of Toby’s favorite singers James Taylor celebrate their birthdays along with former Met Darryl Strawberry, former Brave  Dale Murphy and fellow former Brave Bill James (no, not that guy – this Bill James was born in 1892).

 March 13th:  Singers and Dingers – Neil Sedaka and Home Run Baker 

March 14th:  The unlikely combos of : Comedian (and Yankees fanatic) Billy Crystal and newest member of Round Rock Express management (and former Ranger)  Utility Man Matt Kata.   The very cool actor Michael Caine and the not always cool former Ranger pitcher Kevin Brown.  The inimitable Quincy Jones and the immortal Kirby Puckett. 

March 15th:  All Stars and all famous  in their own way: Sly of the Family Stone, Fabio, Eva Longoria and Judd Hirsch. The same can be said for these guys celebrating their birthdays the same day:  “the greek god of walks” from Moneyball  Kevin Youkilis, still one of the top 5 Rangers most infamous trades Harold Baines,  just plain infamous Ranger Jim Kern,  he has an infamous son and played for 8 major league teams himself including the Rangers Bobby Bonds

 The final word today is courtesy of our friend Matt Middleton:

Baseball Matt

Woof! Woof! Woof! — Toby

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Welcome back, Toby. Was wondering where you were.

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