Rangers promote Daniels



Daniels and George will continue to oversee day-to-day operations under CEO Nolan Ryan


Arlington, Texas – The Texas Rangers announced today the promotions of General Manager Jon Daniels to President of Baseball Operations/General Manager and the promotion of Chief Operating Officer Rick George to President of Business Operations.

In their respective roles, Daniels and George will continue to oversee the day-to-day baseball and business operations of the Rangers organization under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Nolan Ryan.

“Under Nolan Ryan’s leadership over the last five years, the Rangers organization has made enormous strides both on and off the field,” said Rangers Co-Chairman Ray Davis and Bob Simpson. “On the baseball side, Nolan has helped Jon Daniels develop into one of the game’s top executives. Off the field, Rick George has worked with Nolan to find new ways to drive growth and to make sure our fan experience is among the best in baseball. These promotions not only reflect the day to day responsibility Nolan has assigned to Jon and Rick, but also the terrific job they have done.  We are fortunate to have such an experienced and talented leadership team, led by Nolan, that puts our fans first and is committed to winning.”

“I am proud of what we have accomplished as an organization over the last several years,” said Ryan. “That has been due in large part to the efforts of a lot of talented and dedicated individuals who work in all areas of the ballclub. I want to congratulate Jon and Rick on their promotions as the organization moves forward with a tremendous group of employees to achieve an even greater level of excellence in 2013 and in the years to come. ”

Daniels is in his eighth season overseeing the Rangers baseball operation after being appointed General Manager in October 2005. This is his 12th overall season with the organization. His tenure has seen a complete overhaul of the Rangers farm system and the development of an organizational philosophy based on strong scouting and player development. Texas has advanced to the postseason in three consecutive seasons for the first time in franchise history, including back-to-back American League pennants in 2010 and 2011. The Rangers were also selected as the 2012 Topps Organization of the Year.

George joined the Texas organization as Chief Operating Officer in October 2010 and oversees all revenue-generating and team business areas in that role including ticket sales, corporate partnerships, ballpark operations, and communications. The Rangers have established franchise records for home attendance and sponsorship revenues in each of the last two seasons. In 2012, Texas finished third among the 30 major league clubs for both overall home attendance at 3,460,280 and average home attendance of 42.720 while setting another club mark with 38 sellouts at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

Baseball’s all-time strikeout leader and a first ballot Hall of Famer, Ryan rejoined the Rangers as team President in February 2008 and added the title of Chief Executive Officer in March 2011.


What are the Rangers doing? Taking away the final say in all baseball decisions, away fom Nolan, and giving it to Jon Daniels? What a way to thank the three million fans who walked thru the turnstils last season. After five great seasons, we let our top ticket draw walk away to a rival in our Division? Count me as someone who was not happy to see Josh walk away since we had five years to sgin him to a long term contract, and couldn’t get it done. We let the Angels, say thank you for taking us to the World Series two years in a row, to Josh for us! Come on Rangers, you are giving all the outwards appearance of going backwards. If you want to give your fans the “ultimate experiance”, keep the championship swagger going that Nolan brought to this team. Where is our team loyality heading going, or have we ever had any? I have suffered with this team since game one back in 72, and if you let Noylan leave it could be the straw that broke the camels back. Please pass this on to Rangers management, or mismanagement as it would be!!!!!

I predite a lot of sad days for the Texas Rangers and ther fans in the next few years.

Unbelievable! Have talked to many game going fans who are totally disgusted with these latest moves and vow not to attend this year. Jon Daniels will soon be the most bated man in America.

Everything out there right now is just speculation. Don’t forget, Ryan is a part owner, albeit a minority share. For him to leave the club, if things are as tumultuous as all the so called experts say they are, his share would have to go too.

To be clear as a fan though, the ONLY reason I started watching more than just a few games a year is because of Nolan Ryan’s presence. It will be a disaster for the Rangers ownership to believe that Daniels, who I great respect, has even a shred of competitive field credibility. You can’t measure what Ryan adds to an organization, which I’m sure irritates those who want to put a figure on everything.

Man, how the mighty have fallen…CJ Wilson, now Josh to bitter division rival. Setup men Adams and Uehara gone. Nap-o-li gone to Boston. We the fans created the Nap-o-li chant, a groundswell of love. Mr Ranger Michael Young rudely treated for several years now starting for Philadelphia. Finally, disrespecting Nolan. His attachment brought Rangers out of bankrupt “losers” to credibility. Cowboys, Mavs, Stars and now Rangers…when will a North Texas sports team ever make the playoffs again? Do anyone really think Rangers are better then Angels or Tigers? Don’t forget A’s and Rays and Yanks and Red Sox. Even Mariners. At least we will be better than Astros!

It sounds to me like a lot of people seem to think Nolan is the primary brains behind the Rangers’ recent success, and that’s just not true. While there’s no doubt he’s had an impact on the club in numerous ways, his most important role is as the team’s ambassador. I don’t think any team in MLB, and possibly in other sports, has an owner (albeit a minority one) that’s as beloved as Nolan.

It’s J.D. and his staff that deserve the lion’s share of credit for the club’s recent success, as well they should. That’s what their job is. They are the ones that made the trades and signings that have brought key players to the team. They are the ones that have raised one of the best farms in baseball, which is ultimately the most important thing in having sustained success over many years (not free agents, no matter how high-profile they may be).

I don’t want to see Nolan leave, either, but as much as I love him (and I do; I grew up watching the Astros) I’m not going to stop supporting the team. Especially if he’s leaving of his own accord; if that’s the case, there’s no fault in that.

Also, some of you seem to want to reward players like Josh and C.J. and Napoli with long-term extensions, which would not have been cheap, based on their past performance rather than their expected future performance. It’s nice to imagine them being handsomely compensated for all the good they’ve done as Rangers, but that’s hardly conducive to running a good business.

C.J. may be worth $75m, but there’s a decent chance he won’t be. Josh almost certainly won’t be worth $125m. Overspending to get the last couple good years for them will likely result in contract albatrosses in a few years. I liked both of them as Rangers and I miss them, but I understand why the Rangers didn’t overpay for them.

It’s the same with Young. The Rangers had reason to think he would not be very productive, so they traded him. They’re making room for a number of guys to prove themselves.

In 2012 it was easy to still be a Rangers fan. Their team from 2011, which almost won the World Series, was almost unchanged. We knew they were going to be a good team, and they were, even though they faltered down the stretch. The team looks very different this year. A number of players are question marks. But there is upside. There is talent. There’s definitely the possibility of being a playoff team. Are they better than the Angels or Tigers? Probably not, but there’s a Lloyd Christmas chance. Besides, the best team doesn’t always win it all. For example, does anyone (outside St. Louis) actually think the Cards were the best team in 2011? Probably not.

I hope lots of my fellow fans will give the Rangers a chance this year. If not, who are you going to root for? The Angels? The Yankees? No one?

Worst P. R. move I’ve ever seen. If this happens, no more Rangers for me!

One of the saddest things I’ve ever seen in regards to famous sports figures was in Las Vegas, back in the 70’s. Joe Louis, the great heavyweight champ of the 30’ & 40’s, worked at Caesars Palace. Joe was there to shake hands, slap backs and pose for pictures. One of the greats of all times, reduced to being a greeter. Now, I’m not trying to say that being CEO of the Texas Rangers is the same as being a casino greeter, but let’s face it, when you take away Nolan’s title, and thereby his authority, doesn’t he become just a figurehead? The owners certainly want Nolan to stay, they want the fans to see him sitting in his box alongside Presidents, etc. They want him chatting it up with the local and national media. And they certainly want him to continue to sell the franchise to the fans, potential investors, and help court prospective free-agents . The only thing they don’t want him to do is run anything in the business. My guess is unless the owners can convince Mr. Ryan that he’s in charge, we’ll see him leave the organization very soon. I’m quite sure we’ll never see him as a casino shill.

Nolan leaves so will the fans & wins. Daniels has already cost the Rangers

Nolan & Daniels seemed to work together fine like it was. Why change?

Anything that gives Jon Daniels, Thad Levine and the scouting department more autonomy is great in my book. I appreciate Nolan Ryan’s major contribution to on-the-field success (bringing in Mike Maddux) but when he tries to get involved in on field player decisions it’s not always been an illustrious track record. Jon Daniels and the scouting department convinced ownership that Darvish was a worthwhile investment. Nolan was not on board initially. He was on board with and a driving force behind signing Roy Oswalt and that wasn’t such a hot signing. He was also a big proponent of and a major reason why Kris Benson made the Rangers rotation out of spring training in 2009. Again, not a great decision.

Maybe I’ve got these rumors and reports all wrong and don’t know what I’m talking about.

What I do know is that the trades that brought in Josh Hamilton, Matt Harrison, Neftali Feliz, Elvis Andrus, David Murphy and Nelson Cruz, plus the rule 5 drafting of Alexi Ogando, i.e. the moves that turned this organization around, were done long before Nolan Ryan was on board. This team was poised to win when he got here. He’s a great ambassador for the game, a Texas legend and an excellent figurehead. I just don’t see any evidence why he should be making player personnel decisions over Jon Daniels.

As far as the folks so ready to jump off the bandwagon – see ya. You won’t be missed. Winning will keep the ballpark full, not PR moves, good or bad. I don’t know what 2013 holds, but this organization is poised to be a contender long term. Daniels, Levine and the people they’ve put in place are far more responsible for that than the Nolan Ryan brand beef sold at The Ballpark.

Nolan Ryan not being there will make a difference. You’ll see.

I hope not to have to. I’d like to see him remain with the franchise. If he doesn’t it will likely be because of his own ego.

I do not want to see Nolan go, he is the face of the Rangers, will not be the same with him gone…….seens as if the Rangers are trying to self distruct……

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